EVENT FAB: Brandy, Selita Ebanks And Taraji P. Henson At Marquee Opening In Las Vegas

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Last night, a few of our YBF celebs partied in Las Vegas to celebrate the opening of the Marquee Nightclub. See pics inside of Brandy, Solange, Mel B and others….

Last night was the grand opening of Marquee Nightclub in The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.



I am in love with Brandy’s dress.  And the hair and makeup.  Chick is looking fantabulous these days.



Selita Ebanks was there to strike a pose.


Taraji P. Henson vamped it up on the carpet.

Christina Milian rocked a tight white mini with a short black jacket.

AJ was there.

Mel B brought along her hubby.


And inside Solange was on the wheels of steel.

Photos via Wireimage/Truscello/Grant/Splash/Judy Eddy

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Second Teen Arrested In Tyler Perry Break-In

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A second arrest has been made in Tyler Perry’s home break in. We’ve got this info when you read on…



Kamisha Boozer was arrested and charged this week for breaking into Tyler Perry’s home. Kamisha  was charged with prowling and criminal trespass and was released on a $2,000 bond. The 17-year old claims she was not at the house and that someone gave the police her name. SMH.

The break in was caught on tape by Tyler’s home security cameras. Police arrested one female right after the break in and expect to have a third suspect in custody soon.



Cash Money Records’ recording artist Lil’ Wayne and over 1,000 mourners attend Magnolia Shorty’s Funeral.


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REHEARSAL VIDEO: Beyonce IS Performing Tonight In Vegas With Jay?

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Reports last week said Beyonce would not be performing with her husband Jay-Z at his New Year’s Eve gig tonight at the Vegas opening of Cosmopolitan hotel alongside his bestie, Coldplay‘s Chris Martin.  While Chris’ wife Gwyenth still may be not scheduled to perform, a spy caught Beyonce and Chris practicing a few duets at the hotel today for tonight’s show.


Check out the rehearsal footage when you read on….

The video is pretty far away, but the audio is very clear.  Bey and Chris (who is on the piano) rehearsed "Crazy In Love" and "Superstition":



Sounds like Beyonce will be hopping on stage to ring in the new year afterall. Hide ya lacefronts! Bey is kicking off 2011 on comeback mode….

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DO WE LOVE IT?: Solange Goes Back To Braids

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It feels like it’s 2006 all over again.  Solange Knowles is back to rocking her long braids.  We’ve got pics of her DJ’ing in Vegas last night with her new…well, semi-new, look.  Decide if we love it when you read on….

It was the grand opening of Marquee Nightclub with a performance by Florence And The Machine.  And Solo kicked it with fellow DJ Samantha Ronson, Ellen Pompeo, and her hubby Chris.   Remember when Solo was rocking those Patraish braids during those Bring It On: All or Nothing days?  Well…they’re back.  So…




Photog: Truscullo


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Foxy Brown Pops OFF On Twitter About Rumors, Lies + Ice-T Defends Kanye West’s Twitter Rants

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2010 couldn’t end without some type of drama. We’ve got Foxy Brown’s Twitter rant and Ice-T’s response to Kanye’s Twitter rants when you read on….



Foxy Brown turned her Twitter page into her own personal website and went off for 5 hours about a false report ran on the internet about her.

Here’s what she had to say:

Damn, I cant even mourn in peace without some bullshit being posted….If yall dont hear it from a MARCHAND (Inga, Gavin or Anton) its bullshit! Fox will be on Hot 97 next week addressing everything….and “The Massacre” continues!

Just got the call…allhiphop.com still posting fake ass FOX news!! The dickridin’ continues! Since yall niggas wanna lie to the streets, disrespect my fans and post fuckrie….I’m addressing it all tonite baby! NO…I am NOT droppin’ a single called “rough whatever” Jan 1st or never!!

And contrary to the bullshit that was posted…”Christmas Massacre” is NOT supporting homegirl and dissin’ shorty! “Massacre” is……….the response to bitches thinkin’ its sweet insinuating my name in that beef! “Machine Gun Kelly” bitch!! I am the streets! I aint’ taking NO sides….FOX stand alone!

So allhiphop ran a bullshit story! I’m repped by the Marchands NOT Bernadette Brennan. Marvet Britto’s the ONLY woman…who at the helm spearheaded Team FOX. Just one mention of “Massacre” got the internet on fire!!! Everybody know Minaj is my homie! So yall already know what it is….

Let me correct all the erroneous shit written by allhiphop…. “If ANY of my lyrics are on ANY song they were STOLEN without my consent”. And everybody quoted in that fraudulent article will be hit wit a lawsuit immediately. What “label” are they talking about? My attorney and I are in the process of negotiating the best deals….although I know where I need to be! I’m appalled they callously used the death in my family as a promotional platform for their upcoming artist. FOX is NOT affiliated with Bernadette Brennan or anyone else mentioned in that ficticious article. NO single will be sold on itunes Jan 1st.

Lastly, I dont appreciate my fans being lied to. Nothing in that story was truth. Stealing a multi-plat artists lyrics w/o my consent…….is not only an incredible lawsuit but a disrespect to my craft, my legacy and my fans. If MARY J or LAURYN HILL recorded a session……..in a studio while creating their album and decided to go with a hotter joint, who the fuck gives anyone in that studio the audacity to……experiment wit a seasoned artists music?? And throw ur unknown artist on MY song without my consent, on some secret society shit then…….w/o FOX hearing or approving anything, these bastards “Biggz I trusted u” had the fuckin’ nerve to put a fake press release out lying! I see I’ve been letting too much shit pass…….maturation FOX been too nice so yall must want GUN COCK! allhiphop….like Jay said “yall need to double check ur story”!

As for that bullshit press release… I’m furious! But I’m still grieving and I luv GOD for real, so I pray for revelation and he reveals….the snakes, haters, frauds! My lawyers informed itunes that this “song” is NOT approved and my lyrics were stolen. My mom just said……”Ing I always tell u, when a person shows u who they are….believe them.”

FOX “Christmas Massacre” (the massacre continues…) & my New joint wit BABY CHAM “Dutty ti Tingz” coming soon!! I never tweeted this much ever! But yall know how much I luv my fans so I hope I cleared up any misconceptions about allhiphop & “Massacre!”

Just wanna thank yall for ridin’ so hard for Boogie…Luv yall. U know the Team FOX saying…..”ANYTHING FOX I’M IT”!!!


Tell em’ why you mad Foxy !




And in other rants… 



Ice-T is defending Kanye for his numerous Twitter rants.  The actor said,

"He’s a very interesting eccentric human being, I think Mike Tyson said people don’t pay attention to normal people . . . I just think that Kanye is an artist."

Ice-T also defended his wife Coco’s outrageous outfits. He said,

"We’re all kind of strange in our own way, it’s like a Ferrari, you don’t want to keep the top on all the time, not a lot of men would like that. He’s kind of an outrageous person like I am"

The couple will celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary with a NYE party. I think we all can agree that Kanye is very eccentric.


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SPOTTED: Nicki Minaj Covers Up In South Beach

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Nicki Minaj was spotted AND hooded as she arrived at her hotel in South Beach. See pics inside…


"Please…no pictures."



She wore an olive velour tracksuit.

Hmmm…Nicki are we masking a little botox touch-up or something?

Nicki will be performing at Mansion in South Beach tonight for NYE.  Knowing her, she did something to her face that she will debut tonight on stage.

Photos via Sharpshooter Images-Santi/Splash News/PacificCoastNews.com

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EVENT FAB: LeBron James Celebrates 26th Birthday With His "Sponsors"

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Superstar NBA baller LeBron James celebrated his birthday last night with dozens of YBF celebs and we have pics for you.  See Dwyane Wade, Gabby Union, Kelly Rowland and more inside…



Bron Bron just kicked off the LeBron "King" James Full Court Birthday Celebration which is a smart marketing scheme with an eleven-stop birthday tour where companies pay up to $500,000 to target their products and brand names to LeBron and his friends.  Featured cities over the next four months are L.A., Chicago, Orlando and Atlanta.  Smart.


LeBron and girlfriend Savannah Brinson arrived at his 26th birthday party at the Coco Deville lounge of Miami’s Gansevoort Hotel. During the evening, LeBron tweeted, "Wanna thank all my family, friends and fans for the B-day S/O’s today! Love all u guys. Its gonna be another great year! Yes Sir!" 

And hot couple Dwyane Wade and Gabby Union arrived arm in arm.

They look extra happy.

They hit the red carpet as Gabby looked super cute in her all silver and gray outfit.


Slimm and Vivica made their arrival.

And Viv rocked her off-hite studded Louboutins.

"Basketball Wife" Jennifer Williams got leathery on the red carpet.  I wonder if she and her hubby are going to make it in 2011.  Ish is looking bleek on this season of the show.

Where were you going Keith?  He busted out the brown velour pants like he was just waiting on a special occasion or something.

Gorgeous chick Kelly Rowland hit the carpet in this black and gold revealing dress.


Mike Keyser hit the red carpet with Tank.

So did Tyrese–who always looks damn good in a suit by the way–and Tey Songz.

Damn Drake.  Did you just roll out of bed?  We love you and all boo…but I’m sure people send you free clothes all the time. Was this the best you could do?

And Timbaland was spotted…and his wife Monique Idlett Mosley was in zebra stripes.  Interesting.


And Ne-Yo was in the house.  Looked like a fun night.

Photo by PacificCoastNews.com

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NEW YEARS COUPLE: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Cuddle Up In St. Barts

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Seems like St. Barts is the A-list hotspot for the Holiday this year.  And Alicia Keys and her hubby Swizz Beatz were spotted holding hands and cuddling while out and about shopping last night.


We’ve got pics of the couple prepping for New Year’s Eve when you read on…

They did a little shopping in the posh city.

And walked the streets hand in hand.  And if you’re thinking about "hating" on these two in the new year, Swizzy has a message for you he just posted on Twitter:


Alrighty then.

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Exclusive: Foxy Brown To Debut ‘U Aint Ruff Enough’ On New Year’s Day

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(AllHipHop News) Foxy Brown will drop a new single that was supposed to be released on Christmas Eve, although her label has decided to rethink the choice of material. Foxy was supposed to drop  “Christmas Massacre” on December 24th, but she decided to change her vibe, after she received news that a very close friend and family member passed away.Now, the Brooklyn rapper has teamed with Daddy Bigg$, CEO of Platinum Camp, Bernadette Brennan Management and Nightlife Productions to drop a new single…(read more)

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Check out the cover of King Magazine’s Mar/Apr 2011 issue featuring rapper Nicki Minaj. You can peep an article snippet here, when she talks about wanting to star in some movies and wanting an aggressive man. The issue hits stands in early 2011.

( Photos: GETTY IMAGES )

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