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2011 was a big year for couples and of course breakups. Check our list for the Top 10 Couples of 2011 and the Top 5 Breakups of 2011 below.


Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys and her producer husband Swizz Beatz have been the topic of many convos for the past couple of years. The duo welcomed their first child together back in October of 2010. Alicia has a new album due out in 2012 and Swizz is in the lab making beats rocking his Reebok attire.


Singer/songwriter Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton have been on the move in 2011. With new music, new movies and a 1 year-old son – things are looking up. The couple are high school sweethearts and been married since 2005.


NBA player Lamar Odom and his wife reality star Khloe Kardashian were out a lot in 2012. The duo released a unisex fragrance called “Unbreakable” back in Feb. 2011 and Khloe recently said she was considering adopting in the new year. They also have a big move in their horizon, Lamar was recently traded from the Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks.


Actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are still the talk of the tabloids with rumors of their marriage being in trouble. They released a statement back in October saying that they are fine, but you never know. Will has the new Men In Black movie coming out in early 2012 and Jada is helping out with the careers of her famous kids Willow & Jaden.

6. T.I. & TINY

T.I. was released from prison in September after serving time for probation violation. He hit the grown running with new music and a brand new reality show with his ride or die wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. T.I.’s new album, Trouble Man, will be in stores in Feb. 2012 and Tiny is currently working on expanding her nail salons in ATL.


Basketball player Carmelo Anthony and T.V. personality Lala Vazquez-Anthony made the move from L.A. to NYC in 2011. The couple who married in 2010 have a 4 year-old son together. 2012 will be a good one with Lala’s VH1 reality show being picked up for another season and Carmelo gearing up for another season with the NY KNICKS..


Rapper Wiz Khalifa and model Amber Rose were the talk of the blogs this year. An odd match up at first, they now are comfortable sharing that they plan on getting married and having kids one day. Amber said that being with Wiz Khalifa was the best decision after breaking up with Kanye West.


Still a couple that people often debate is fake, superstar singer Mariah Carey and the multi-talented Nick Cannon had an amazing year. Mariah gave birth to her twins Monroe & Moroccon back in April of 2011. Enduring a difficult pregnancy, she is now enjoying motherhood. Both have a lot of their plates in 2012 – Mariah is a new spokesperson for Jenny Craig and Nick Cannon will continue his duties for Nickelodeon, MTV and NBC.


Beyonce and Jay-Z had an eventful 2011. Two best-selling albums for both and of course endless endorsement deals, but the pregnancy announcement at the VMAs back in September took the cake. Beyonce is expected to give birth any day now and now everyone is just waiting to hear what the baby name is. 2012 is definitely going to be another big one for them..


No question the first couple of the United States, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama tops our list of Best Couple of 2011. Always vocal about their relationship in the public eye, they are currently gearing up for a big campaign year in 2012. Married for 19 years, their advice on maintaining a good relationship? Communication.


5. Tyra Banks & John Utendahl

Former Model Tyra Banks and her boyfriend of three years successful banker John Utendahl broke up in early December. No word on why, but John has been seen with a new chick and Tyra is currently recharging in Bali.

4. Deion Sanders & Pilar Sanders

Another December breakup announcement came for former football star Deion Sanders and his model/actress wife Pilar Sanders. The duo have been married for years and have three kids together. Deion’s daughter Deiondra spoke her two cents about the breakup on twitter recently.

3. Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton

Singer/T.V. personality Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton her racer boyfriend broke up in mid October 2011 after four years of dating. According to reports, they differed on when to start a family, Lewis said he was too young and not ready.

2. Kobe Bryant & Vanessa Bryant

Superstar Kobe Bryant and his wife of 10 years Vanessa Bryant announced their break up in December too. Vanessa was over all the cheating and called it quits. She is entitled to half of everything because their is no pre-up. However, she does want joint custody for their two daughters.

1. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

In one of the biggest entertainment stories of 2011. Kim Kardashian and her NBA player husband Kris Humphries separated months after their highly publicized wedding. Overall, it looks like the whole thing was a publicity stunt for money and it obviously worked out because they both made millions.


( Photos: GETTY IMAGES )

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YBF KIDS: Lauryn Hill’s Model Daughter Selah Marley’s NEW PICS

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Lauryn Hill’s pretty 12-year-old daughter Selah Marley is set to take the fashion &modeling world by storm. See her pics inside….

Selah Marley has a few new modeling promo shots.  We posted the first few months ago.  Here’s more:

She definitely got her mom’s looks.  Gorgeous gal!


Photos via Black Celebrity Kids

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YBF EXCLUSIVE! DJ Drama Allegedly Cheated & Knocked Up A 21 Year Old….And His WIFE Is PISSED!

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It’s REAL drama for DJ Drama!  The popular Atlanta based DJ known for doing tons of mixtapes with T.I., Nelly, Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and pretty much any other rapper in the game, has found himself caught up in some ish.


TheYBF.com just received EXCLUSIVE details about Drama allegedly cheating on his wife with a 21-year-old…and the shocking offer we’re told he made just to cover it up!

DJ Drama–aka Tyree Simmons–married his former video vixen wife, Summer Walker (above), 3 years ago.  We’ve learned his weekend traveling for work allegedly had a little booty action on the side.  Surprise surprise.

Any given weekend from Thursday to Sunday, DJ Drama usually travels around the country DJ’ing parties at different clubs.  Apparently this is how he met the alleged 21-year-old mistress who lives in Kansas.  We’re told she is one of many "pretty" girls who allegedly get paid by club promoters to party with the celebrity guests.

Summer tells TheYBF.com that the woman in question (above with DJ Drama) claims she cheated with Drama, and he got her pregnant.  The mistress told her she is now 4 months pregnant.

How did Mrs. Drama learn about her hubby getting caught up?  Because little miss (alleged) mistress did what any 21-year-old would do–she sent Summer a Facebook Message!

But get this: DJ Drama apparently didn’t want anyone (including his wife) to know about his alleged transgression.  We’re told Drama offered little miss (alleged) mistress $10,000 to end the pregnancy…and to keep quiet!  Needless to say, she is keeping the baby and told Summer she simply "wants Drama to be a good father to their baby." 


Drama’s alleged jumpoff (in the pic directly above)–who ironically has an entire photo album she uploaded a year ago to her Facebook Page entitled "Partying with Dj Drama and the crew"–had a twitter exchange with Summer about the situation a couple days ago.  Summer’s response?

@MsShalaEdwards you are dumb and you will pay for what you have done. Please don’t underestimate me. That would be your downfall

Summer went on to say, "When women have babies just to see what they can get from the man it always ends badly….but hoes will be hoes.  Devising a plan around selfishness will only get you caught up…its called the short end of the stick."

Mrs. Drama is devastated and plans to end the marriage.  Especially because, according to Summer, she’s been Drama’s right hand in most of his business matters for the last 3 years.  And has cared for his kids from previous relationships as if they were her own.  Summer is currently on her way back home to Texas to be with family.  She and DJ Drama have no kids together.

We reached out to Drama about the situation, his reps offered "No comment."

The Holidays always bring out the best in folks don’t they?

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LAUGHS BEFORE LOCK-UP: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Laughs It Up Courtside With His Boo At The Clippers Game

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Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is making the most of his time as a free man.  He and his fiancee’, Shantel, were spotted laughing it up courtside last night at the L.A. Clippers game.


Pics of the twosome inside…

He may have just gotten 3 months in jail for boxing his baby moms (a break from his original 6 MONTH sentence), but Floyd Money Mayweather, Jr. looks like he’s doing just fine:

At the Staples Center last night, he and his boo laughed it up and chilled watching their team win.  And by their team, we mean the Bulls.  Shantel tweeted the twosome had money on Chicago.

Bulls won over the Clippers 114-101.  And Floyd is scheduled to start serving his sentence in January.

Pics via SPLASH

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YBF KIDS: Laila Ali SHOPS With Baby Sydney + Halle Berry LUNCHES With Nahla

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YBF moms Laila Ali and Halle Berry were spotted out in Cali with their daughters yesterday. See pics of baby Sydney and tot Nahla inside…..


Boxer Laila Ali was spotted knocking out some shopping in Calabasas with her 8-month-old daughter Sydney yesterday.  Looks like it was just the girls as daddy Curtis Conway and big bro Curtis, Jr. weren’t there.

Laila also celebrated her birthday yesterday.

The mommy/daughter duo picked up a few items from Sundance Boutique.  Precious!



And over in Malibu…….

Halle Berry was spotting taking her daughter Nahla to lunch.

They were joined by Halle’s beau Olivier Martinez just a day after Nahla spent time with her dad Gabriel Aubry and a mystery woman.

Photos via Splash

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YBF EXCLUSIVE: SHOCKING REVEAL! "Love & Hip Hop" Star Kimbella CLAIMS Erica Mena Is A Former STRIPPER & Gave ORAL SEX For $200 Bucks!

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"Love & Hip Hop" star Kimbella is speaking out against the hair-pulling chick Erica Mena.  She made shocking allegations that Erica is just a fame-hungry former stripper from the Valley. In fact, Kimbella claims Erica was stripping and sexing folks for money before she landed on VH1! And she says Erica INDEED called the cops. 


Our exclusive interview inside……

Kimbella Vanderhee, the controversial chick at the center of ALL the drama on "Love & Hip Hop," is telling her side of the story to TheYBF.com.  Kimbella gave her thoughts on her fights with Chrissy and Erica Mena, and revealed some shocking details about Erica’s–like alleged stripping and sexing for money, doing "Love & Hip Hop" for free, and more.  Here’s our chat….

YBF: Erica Mena has been popping off about your big fight this week. She seemed to start going in on you as soon as you opened you mouth and it was your first REAL time meeting?! She says a lot ended up on the cutting floor and the show was shaped to make her look like the bad guy. Do you agree? What’s your side of the story?

Kimbella: I don’t agree. She is bi-polar. In fact, she is a crack whore and you will get to see it in the rest of the episodes brought to you by VH1! She is obviously embarrassed by her actions because she really got to see who “she” really is. She doesn’t know how to conduct herself as a lady and it showed. I basically I was attacked. I tried to stay classy but she tried my patience and crossed the line. It’s crazy to hear her blaming VH1 and not herself.Even the producers were dumbfounded when all this happened.

Did you know Erica before this?

No! What’s wrong with these women? What did I do to Chrissy or Erica for them to do this to me?
I don’t know her….and I haven’t heard anything great about her. The one thing I can tell you is that folks in the industry are saying before “Love & Hip Hop,” she was found stripping in the Valley and giving blow jobs for $200. So that is the career that me and VH1 are ruining?

So for the record–WHO WON THE FIGHT?

I’m not about that. We shouldn’t be fighting because we are both grown women. I’m not going to condone fighting.

Erica said she didn’t call the cops. is this true? Were any police reports filed?

There is a police report filed. She did call the cops…and she was going to press charges (she didn’t). She called the cops because her face was cut. But wait, isn’t she from the Bronx but she’s calling the po po!







There was a rumor that you and Erica and Kim were both–at the same time–sleeping with Emily B.’s baby’s daddy, rapper Fabolous, back in the day.  And that’s supposedly why Erica has beef with you.  She’s denied it.  Can you confirm or deny?

I have no idea what anybody is talking about.  I dated Fab three years ago…if she dated him three years ago….that’s fine. 


Some people think she’s just purposely causing drama to get a permanent slot on the show and make a name for herself. Do you agree?

Yes. And she wants to talk about me doing stuff for free? She’s not a cast member, so she’s not even getting paid to be on the shows!

Obviously, you’re having a rough time getting along with the girls.  You had a fight on your very first episode of this season with Chrissy. Why is that?  And do you plan to do another season with these ladies?

I don’t know how to answer that. We had a lot of positive things go on but the producers chose to focus on the drama. I wish they would make it more even…a little bit of positive and a little drama. Why do they focus on the negativity?
They show one aspect of my life, which is the drama I go through with females that I don’t know. It’s always a problem!

You recently tweeted about pitching a LAHH spinoff to creator Mona Scott Young. What would the spinoff entail?

I can’t comment about that, but I’m always trying to venture out and do bigger things.


Watch "Love & Hip Hop" Mondays at 8pm on VH1.


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COVER GIRLS: "Love & Hip Hop" Chicks Mashonda & Yandy Create EGL Magazine

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Looks like the "Love & Hip Hop" chicks are taking full advantage of their tv time and starting new ventures they can pub in between beat downs and catfights. 


Check out Yandy Smith‘s new magazine venture called EGL, where she ironically focuses on positivity, inside…

In between managing models and rappers and trying to break up fights, "Love & Hip Hop" star Yandy Smith started a new venture.  She says she’s all about being a positive role model to women and young girls. So Yandy and her girlfriends have created their own magazine and jewel line called EGL.

To bring in the new year, she tapped singer/writer and fab chick Mashonda, former "Love and Hip Hop" castmate to be on the cover of her January 2012 issue (above).

Here’s some behind the scenes and actual shots from the shoot with Yandy, Mashonda, and stylist Samantha Telfair, wife to basketball player Sebastian Telfair.  Plus a snippet of Mashonda’s interview:

Loves Mashonda’s look though.  She had a conversation with Yandy for her cover story:

So, tell us what life has been like after Love and Hip Hop?

"Life has been great, completely different to say the least. My reality on that show was authentic and totally real. I’m glad that segment of my life is over; it was very melancholic. Being on "Love and Hip Hop" opened my eyes to many things in my life, on and off the screen.

The moment you let go of whatever is negative in your life is the same moment you breathe.”



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SPOTTED: Solange, Tina, & Julez Grab Groceries In NYC

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Out in NYC today, Solange & Tina Knowles made a grocery trip with 7-year-old Julez and his dad Daniel Sr.  And they alo stopped for a little vintage shopping.  We’ve got pics of the big happy family inside….

Ms. Tina looked like she was on a mission today dressed in all black while chatting away on the phone at the grocery store with her daughter and grandson:

They hit the Greenwich Village vintage store Stella Dallas too:


Solange tried to hide behind her mom and block her son Julez at the same time upon seeing the paps.  Solo is hosting a champagne tasting and tweeted a friend about it this afternoon.  Yum!

Pics via INF

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YBF YOUNGINS’: Angela Simmons In Miami + Tami Roman’s Daughter Jazz Anderson REMIXES Drake’s "Underground Kings"

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The fabulous Angela Simmons was spotted in Miami, FL today.  See her cute candids inside and also check out "BBW" star Tami Roman’s talented daughter, Jazz Anderson aka Lady Jazz, remixing Drake’s "Underground Kings." 

Reality star and Pastry owner Angela Simmons was spotted in Miami today.  She arrived with her fam and will likely be ringing in the New Year there.

Angela looked cute as usual showed off her flat tummy rocking a cropped grey t-shirt and hot pink Victoria’s Secret sweatsuit.  And paire dit all with her Air Jordan Concords and Bottega Veneta oversized bag.


In other kids of famous folks news:

Lady Jazz, the 15-year-old daughter and aspiring singer of "Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman, has just remixed Drake’s "Underground Kings."

Watch the remix here:

You feelin’ it?

Photos via Pacific Coast News

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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West To Leave The United States?

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As you know, I love the UK…well I just wish I had their accent. The latest with Kanye is that he is looking to move to the UK to make his career leap forward more than it already is. Not only is he working on new music, but he’s also about to move to the United Kingdom for his fashion endeavors, according to rumor. They are even saying he may put his music on hold, which sounds false to me. But, this is all in preparation for Fashion Week in Paris. I think earlier this year, he caught some heat for his fashions and may be looking for some “get back.” He’s reportedly looking for apartments right now.

Here are some of Kanye’s fashion looks:

kanye west fashion

kanye west fashion 1


kanye west hair fashion style

kanye west fashion style

kanye west fashion style 3

kanye west fashion style 2

kanye west fashion style 4

kanye west fashion style 1

kanye west fashion style pink pictures

kanye west and amber rose

kanye west louis vuitton fashion style

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