CAUGHT: Kanye West With His PANTS DOWN…With Kim Kardashian!

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were spotted heading to Kanye’s Manhattan apartment last night.  But it looks like the two couldn’t hold off until they got inside as the rapper hopped out the car with his pants down!  Check the pics inside….

After spending the day playing b-ball with her fam and brother-in-law, Lamar Odom in Queens, Kim Kardashian threw on her fave leather pants (to match her boo ‘Ye again we guess) and her Illusion Un Bout Louboutins and rushed back to Manhattan for dinner with Kanye at N62. 

Upon their arrival back at his Soho apartment…the paps caught a glimpse (yes, they’re unphotoshooped & purchased as-is from the photo agencies–we don’t play like that around these parts) of ‘Ye’s panties–or lack thereof–since dude forgot to pull his pants up.

Now what were Y’ALL doing in the back of the ‘Bach?

Yeah we saw that.  Ray-J already told us homegirl is no stranger to the freaky ish…hell, many people aren’t when it comes to a little backseat action.  But damn.  If you’re still trying to sell us how innocent and perfect you are Kimmy, it aint working boo.


Both looking guilty as hell.  I’m sure the excuse will be the belt accidentally loosened when he stood up.

Looks like these two are loving being on the tips of everyone’s tongues.  Including each others….

Meanwhile, Fox News (of course) invited Kim K. & Lindsay Lohan to be their guests at the White House Correspondents dinner tonight. Well this ought to be a classy affair….


Photos: INFdaily/FameFlynet/Splash

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NEW MUSIC: Lil’ Kim’s "Countin’ Money"

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Lil’ Kim has dropped a new buzz single called "Countin’ Money."  Check it out inside….


As she prepares for her documentary and  "Return Of The Queen" tour, Lil’ Kim has dropped a new buzz cut off the I.R.S. South mixtape Tax Season, released via her I.R.S. label.  The track is made for the clubs and has the Queen Bee going Hardcore again. 


Listen to “Countin’ Money” here:

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HA! Rihanna HIJACKS The Paparazzi In Hawaii!

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Rihanna took matters into her own wild hands yesterday while vacationing in Hawaii ahead of her big Battleship premiere.  Check out her own pics of how she flipped the script on the paparazzi…

While chillin’ out with her friends in the Pacific Ocean yesterday, the paparazzi were hounding the pop star to snap some flicks.  So what did the sexy black bikini rocking 24-year-old do?  Hijaked their cameras and gave all the paps shots from her stash of liquor:

Ha!  She tweeted the pics saying, "Me high jackin the PaPz…What is life when u make the Papz get in the water and take shotz."

Gotta love that Ri Ri.  And on another note…paparazzi dude in the top pic looks like he may be hella sexy.  Methinks Ri could have had an ulterior motive.  Not even mad at that….

BONUS: Usher has just been named as the third time musical guest for the May 12th "Saturday Night Live" episode.  But first, Rihanna will be taking the "SNL" stage alongside host Eli Manning on May 5th.

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OWW! The President & First Lady GET CUTESY At Fort Stewart

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During a speech before troops and veterans at Fort Stewart, First Lady Michelle Obama called President Obama "kinda cute" before getting a little smoochy after her introduction of him.  We can see that chemistry all the way from here. See the pics inside…….

After a rousing introduction by his stunning wife First Lady Michelle Obama (where she called him ‘kinda cute’ again), President Obama went in for a kiss before his speech to military at Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Georgia on Friday.

The mic also picked up on the couple saying "I love you" before the President’s speech.  The cuteness of the fab couple didn’t stop there:

The twosome looked closer than ever as they were spotted by onlookers sharing private smiles and holding hands non stop.  It’s not hard to see why Mr. Prez can’t keep his hands off Mrs. O.

She looked fabulous in her bright red full skirted princess dress, L’Wren Scott cardigan and red flats with a classic black purse and pearls. The couple spent some time holding hands and walking around the grounds of the Fort:

In other news, the Obamas were chosen to get this year’s Jerald Washington Memorial Founders’ Award for their work with the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV).  President Obama is the first person — in history — to receive the award more than once.



Listen to The First Lady call the President "kinda cute" below:

Loves them.

Photos via Getty/AP

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Hip-Hop Rumors: Eve And Swizz Beatz Tease “Mama In The Kitchen”

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Eve is tantalizing our musical tastebuds with a teaser of her new joint with super producer Swizz Beatz. The track is called “Mama In The Kitchen” and will be featured on her upcoming album.  Eve tweeted the video to her Twitter followers and @’ed Snoop Dogg, who is most likely featured on the track along with the following message:

“I’m COMIN SOON! COUNTDOWN! MAMA IN THE KITCHEN @therealswizz @SnoopDogg check the quick Klip”.

Eve also chatted about “Mama In The Kitchen” last year when she caught up with BBC Radio 1Xtra overseas:

“I did another record called ‘Mama’s in the Kitchen’ with Swizz that is ridiculous. In the next couple of weeks, I’ma let this burn for a minute and then I’m going to drop that record…I’m busy. I got like five more records to do and then I’m done with the record.”

Check out Eve and Swizz teasing “Mama In The Kitchen” below:

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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Kid Cudi Hook Up With Cassie Behind Diddy’s Back?

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Sources close to Kid Cudi are spilling the beans that the rapper allegedly bedded Bad Boy artist Cassie. According to the source, Diddy found out about the alleged hookup, and now Cudi is said to be living in fear for his life. Cudi is allegedly completely paranoid and believes that Diddy is plotting to get revenge on him.

We hear that the “affair” happened a few months ago. Cassie had befriended Cudi and leaned on him a lot as she was going through her personal issues with Diddy. Cudi has allegedly been “spitting game” at Cassie for a while and took advantage of her while she was in a vulnerable state.

Sources say that while Diddy was allegedly initially very upset, the affair seems to have brought Diddy and Cassie closer.

Earlier this week, Cudi claimed his Twitter hacked after these messages appeared:

The surce also says Cudi left clues about the affair in his latest song, “Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey!”, which dropped last week. Listen to the song below:

“They 100% had sex,” the source tells Bossip. “And that’s where the lines “Ni**az really want me dead, HATE Not my fault Im intriguing’ are from. Diddy wanting him dead when he found out.”


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Hip-Hop Rumors: Former DTP Princess Shawnna Sparks A Bidding War!

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Ludacris’ former artist, rapper Shawnna, is on the comeback trail, and the industry heads are going crazy over her new material.

We hear that Shawnna, who is readying her new mixtape, SHE’S ALIVE, which is slated to be released on May 24, is currently looking over several serious offers from TVT/Gracie, which is run by super-producer Bangladesh and Bricksquad.

Shawnna was one of the illest out there, and was the first female ever signed to Def Jam! Over the weekend, she performed alongside Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Wale in Detroit. So could this mean a MMG deal is on the table as well? It’s certainly possible.

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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chicago’s Hip-Hop Police Threaten To Cancel A$AP Rocky Show If L.E.P. Bogus Boys Perform

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We hear that the L.E.P. Bogus Boys were banned from performing as part of A$AP Rocky’s upcoming “BEEN TRILL” concert at the Chicago House of Blues on May 3. But it wasn’t A$AP Rocky who banned the rap group…it was actually the Chicago Police Department who issued the banning due to the violent nature of their lyrics. What the?!

The Chicago Police Department sent an e-mail and threatened to shut down the whole concert if the L.E.P. Bogus Boys perform. But, the truth is that the Bogus Boys have no history of violence at any of their shows, and are advocates of always coming and going peacefully.

I guess the Hip-Hop police are in Chicago, too.

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EXCLUSIVE: J. Dilla’s Mom Gets Hundreds Of Unreleased Tapes, Artifacts, Manuscripts

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(AllHipHop News) Fans around the world will now have the chance to hear new, previously unheard material by J.Dilla, thanks to a record store owner in Detroit, who discovered hundreds lost tapes and other material created by the producer.

Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey is now in possession of hundreds of tapes created and produced by her son J. Dilla, who died of February 10, 2006 from Lupus.

The treasure trove of J.Dilla material was found by Jeff Bubeck, who owns the Royal Oak-based record store UHF.

Bubeck was cleaning out an abandoned storage unit storage he took control of, when he found over 7,000-8,000 records, notebooks, notes and other handwritten artifacts by J.Dilla.

In an exclusive Q&A with, Ms. Yancey revealed that Bubeck declined offers from around the world to sell J.Dilla’s material and returned a box of original beat tapes, letters and other items.

“It was overwhelming to see this handwriting again and to see how he marked his records, with his silver marker,” Ms. Yancey told “That was his favorite color, the silver marker.

According to Ms. Yancey, J. Dilla, born James Dewitt Yancey, left to record in California, but before he left, he wanted to sell over 20,000 albums from his collection.

Jonathan Taylor, who is the business manager for The J.Dilla Foundation, said that the producer’s collection simply became scattered after his death.

“He chose which ones [records] he wanted,” Taylor told “He took the ones he wanted and those that were left, were from eight years ago.”

Ms. Yancey and Jonathan Taylor wanted to express their gratitude to Jeff Bubeck for returning the material and not thinking about a turning a profit off of the valuable material that he discovered.

“He is my hero. He truly is,” Ms. Yancey told of Bubeck. “It was really good to be with him and to see him and to see the type of person he was. He just broke down, because he’s a remarkable father and understood.”

Check back tomorrow for a full Q&A with Ms. Yancey and Jonathan Taylor of the J.Dilla Foundation.

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DJ Khaled’s Tour Bus Blows Up

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(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper/producer/personality DJ Khaled was forced to cancel a concert in Orlando, Florida, after his tour bus blew up.

DJ Khaled was supposed to perform at the 2012 Grad Bash last night (April 27), but could not make the show.

Khaled tweeted photos of his tour bus, which caught fire and exploded on the side of the highway.

“I’m sry I couldn’t make it 2 grad bash it was out my control my tour bus caught on fire & blew up!” DJ Khaled tweeted. “The gd thing me & my team is ok!”

DJ Khaled actually owned the vehicle in question, having purchased it in late 2010, after paying too much to rent buses for his tours.

“I was sick of renting tour buses, because that s**t is expensive,” DJ Khaled said in an interview in late 2010. “What I did was bought me a new tour bus. We going to be on the road a lot, we going to be in them clubs a lot and we going to be in them stadiums a lot. We’re going to be everywhere. This is the way we got to travel, so I wanted to do it right.”

Luckily all occupants escaped the fire unharmed.

Check out the customized bus before it went up in flames.

DJ Khaled's Tour Bus Before the Fire
DJ Khaled's Tour Bus Before the Fire
DJ Khaled's Tour Bus On Fire

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