Math Hoffa and Dizaster Fight During Rap Battle, Both Address The Fight (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) Los Angeles was turned into a Hip Hop war zone this past weekend and tempers boiled over at King Of The Dot’s annual “Battle of Los Angeles” event this past Saturday (June 29th). During a battle between Dizaster and Math Hoffa, Dizaster punched Math in the face and a melee ensued.

According to Dizaster, the reason he initiated the fight was due to Math repeatedly interrupting his verse and daring him to punch him. Last night (June 30th), Dizaster stated him and Math have already agreed to a 1 on 1 fight which he hopes the two can finically profit from:

As i was saying me & math will handle this 1on1 i never wanted help,2 of my best friends jumped in cuz they just saw a fight.what wud u do?

— DIZASTER (@MRDIZASTER) June 30, 2014

But we have to do the fade in a way that brings positivity to this, we have to do it in a ring octagon shit and then squash it on ppv.

— DIZASTER (@MRDIZASTER) June 30, 2014

All the $$$ will go to me and math. And we will show the world that hiphop isnt about violence but sometimes shit gets real thats what it is

— DIZASTER (@MRDIZASTER) June 30, 2014

Earlier today (June 30th), Math responded to the fight and denied Dizaster accepted a 1-on-1 fight:

Me n Jones had problems for years… leave that out this convo. I made my peace with that the same nite. — HOFFALUYAH.COM (@MATHHOFFA) June 30, 2014

I reached out for a fair one. Same fair one I offered Jones. Just to handle it like men. A bunch of niggers pounded me n I still said fuckit — HOFFALUYAH.COM (@MATHHOFFA) June 30, 2014

Diz said he aint doing it. Other niggas was tryna play mind games. So I guess the only way yall fight is together against 1. Cool. — HOFFALUYAH.COM (@MATHHOFFA) June 30, 2014

Check out footage of Dizaster and Math Hoffa’s fight below:

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Chris Rock Talks Donald Sterling, Solange/Jay Z Fight + More AT 2014 BET Awards (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) Last night (June 29th), Chris Rock hosted the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles, CA and did what Chris Rock does when millions of people are watching him: dissects celebrity. In his opening monologue, Rock decided to

Rock went through his mental rolodex of popular events over the past year. For the Jay Z and Solange elevator fight, Rock reasons that Solange “hit the right rapper”, noting that Jay Z in different eras may have had different reactions to the physical altercation:

She hit Blueprint 3 Jay Z. If she hit Reasonable Doubt Jay Z, that elevator would’ve been filled up with nothing but lipstick, blood and weave.

Rock especially keyed in on the Maybach Music Group boss, Rick Ross:

Rick Ross my favorite rapper, because Rick Ross don’t care. He got the t*ts bouncing all in his shirt. Rick Ross going to be the first rapper to die of breast cancer.

Rick Ross was not amused:

Chris Rock washed up haaaa

— Mastermind (@rickyrozay) June 30, 2014

Saving the most polarizing event in recent memory for last, Rock decided to empathize with the exiled billionaire Donald Sterling. According to Rock, while Sterling’s comments were racist, the other issue he raised in his privately taped rant is one that Rock can relate to:

What EXACTLY did Donald Sterling say? I don’t want my woman around Black basketball players. Me neither. Are you kidding me? Who the hell wants their woman around BLACK basketball players. I’m specific to Black ball players. I don’t care if my woman’s with JJ Reddick, Mike Dunleavy, David Lee. But if I see you with Serge Ibaka, we gotta talk.

Check out Chris Rock’s full opening monologue at the 2014 BET Awards below:

Chris Rock – Monologue – BET Awards 2014 by IdolxMuzic

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 photo meme10.jpg

Last night, the 2014 BET Awards went down in L.A. and we’ve rounded up a handful of the funniest memes floating around social media. Get your laugh on inside…

The 2014 BET Awards bought out some of our favorite celebrities and of course, social media was on fire with the funny memes.

From Karrueche’s “shredded dress” to Beyonce & Jay Z being a no-show, we’ve rounded up the top funniest memes from your timelines and Tumblrs for your morning laugh.

Decide which are your favorites below:

 photo meme1.jpg


 photo meme3.jpg


 photo meme2.jpg


 photo meme4.jpg


 photo meme5.jpg


 photo meme6.jpg


 photo meme8.jpg


 photo meme9.jpg


 photo meme14.jpg


 photo meme7.jpg


 photo meme11.jpg


 photo meme12.jpg


 photo meme13.jpg



1.  There was a stabbing inside a Meek Mills party and a fatal shooting outside an unauthorized BET Awards afterparty last night.  Story. 


Photos: Instagram

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DADDY’S GIRL: Rihanna SKIPS The BET AWARDS For Intimate EVENING With Her Dad

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 photo rihsssddng55.png

Rihanna was spotted in the LA area last night…..but not where you’d think.  Find out why she skipped the 2014 BET Awards  inside…

 photo baldicurls1.jpg

If you watched the 2014 BET Awards last night you might have picked up on some noticeable absences. Rihanna, one of the biggest pop stars in the world, was not in the audience. Why? 

 photo baldicurls2.jpg

Rihanna skipped the awards for a quiet evening with her dad Ronald Fenty in Santa Monica.  If you’re wondering how the fashion icon dressed for her date with Dad, she selected a Mexico soccer jacket, sensible flats, a long black dress and wore her hair in curls. 

 photo baldigb4.jpg

The pair shared an intimate embrace after dinner, showing the close bond they’ve maintained over the years.

 photo baldigb3.jpg 

On the music front, Rihanna was spotted leaving the same West Hollywood studio as Kanye West a few days ago.  We suspect the "Run This Town" duo are working on something new.



Photos via PacificCoastNews/SPLASH NEWS



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Shots Reportedly Fired Outside Supperclub During Post BET Awards Party (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) It appears the BET Awards weekend ended in violence. TMZ reports the Los Angeles night spot Supperclub was hosting a party attended by Hip Hop stars Meek Mill, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, and The Game.

Apparently around 2:30 am local time, someone fired a gun outside the location. No one is reported to be hurt. The shooter is still at large.

Meek sent out a tweet this morning including the hashtag “wasntme.” It is not clear if the tweet was addressing the supposed incident at Supperclub, other reports that his show at another location erupted into a riot, or rumors that his chain was snatched over the weekend.

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#wasntme y’all gotta chill wit my name in everything!

— Meek Mill (@MeekMill) June 30, 2014

Supperclub is the same locale where Game and T.I. were involved in an incident with police last month. will update this story as more information becomes available.

[ALSO READ: Supperclub L.A. Releases Statement About Videotaped Fight + T.I. & Game]

Watch footage reportedly from the scene below.

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Nicki Minaj Sends Veiled Shot At Rappers That Don’t Write Their Own Lyrics (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) “How the f**k you in the game like ten years strong? Y’all b***hes still can’t write your own damn song?” rapped a pre-famous Nicki Minaj on a The Come Up DVD freestyle back in 2008. The Young Money member reminded the world last night that she’s still not feeling rappers that have ghostwriters.

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During her acceptance speech at the BET Awards, Nicki took time to make it clear that she is the only person that writes her lyrics and took a swipe at some of her peers at the same time. After winning for Best Female Hip Hop Artist, the “Pills N Potions” performer told the audience, “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.”

While Nicki went on to claim that her statement included “no shade,” it did seem to be directed toward fellow nominee Iggy Azalea. Nicki added, “I hope and pray that BET continues to honor authenticity.”

Earlier this month Nicki took issue with a Forbes magazine feature about Iggy. The original title of the piece was “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman.” Negative feedback led to the headline being changed, but Minaj still told Power 105′s The Breakfast Club, “Listen, all Forbes needs to worry about is my finances and when I’m going to be selling Myx Fusion for $250 million. That’s all they need to worry about.”

[ALSO READ: Forbes Changes Controversial Title Of Iggy Azalea Article]

Iggy Azalea has also been embraced by Nicki’s longtime rival Lil Kim. The rap veteran and the buzzing newcomer exchanged compliments on Twitter earlier this year.

@LilKim just now seeing this!!! Thanks kim!!! Hope the baby shower was good. Xo


Nicki also acknowledged Iggy’s successful run atop the Billboard Hot 100 with the single “Fancy.” Just last month she gave props to the Australian femcee, but she added she wanted for other female rhymers to give her props as well.

“I think that congratulations is in order. Her single is doing really, really well and I think that’s a good thing. One thing I’m not is a hater. If somebody is doing something and they did it well, and their song is charting well, then congratulations,” Nicki said at the time. “I just want female rappers to understand that I’ve kicked in a lot of doors for them and I just would appreciate if they would acknowledge that.”

[ALSO READ: Iggy Azalea Makes Hot 100 History With “Fancy” & “Problem” Singles]

Watch Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech below.


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Game & Lil Durk End Beef After Confrontation At L.A. Club (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) After addressing one another through diss tracks and interviews, The Game and Lil Durk finally met face-to-face this weekend. Both rappers were at the same party in Los Angeles, and the two men and their entourages exchanged words.

[ALSO READ: Game Talks Jumping On Tyga’s Lil Durk Diss Track & G-Unit Reunion (VIDEO)]

Going by video captured of the incident there did not appear to be a physical altercation, but the L.A. resident and the Chicago native can clearly be seen addressing each other.

The issues between Game and Durk stemmed from Tyga’s song “Chiraq To LA.” The cut featured a verse from Game that including a few verbal shots aimed at Durk. The Coke Boys member alleged that Tyga paid Game to jump on the song and also referred to “Game’s wife” when asked what woman he would most like to have a conversation with.

Game later revealed on Twitter that the two sides have settled their beef.

My Big homie “G Weed” put @lildurk_ on the phone wit me. Shit is DEAD ! We chopped it up like REAL NIGGAS & both sides respect each other.

— Handsome Ass Nigga (@thegame) June 29, 2014

[ALSO READ: Lil Durk Talks Beef With Tyga & Wanting To Holla At “Game’s Wife” (VIDEO)]

Watch video of Game and Lil Durk below.


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Zendaya Explains Why She Pulled Out Of Lifetime Aaliyah Biopic

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(AllHipHop News) It was just two weeks ago that Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman was named as the leading lady in an upcoming Aaliyah movie on Lifetime. The actress/singer is now no longer participating in the production.

[ALSO READ: Aaliyah Biopic Headed To Lifetime Network]

“Because it’s someone that I honor and I respect so much, it has to be 128 percent, especially for all her fans, including myself,” said Zendaya at the BET Awards. “I didn’t feel like it was all the way there, so I didn’t want to do that. And when the time comes when it’s done right and it’s 100 percent, by all means, I will be the first person there ready to go.”

The Lifetime network confirmed Zendaya’s departure from the biopic via Twitter.

We are sad Zendaya will no longer portray Aaliyah. Production is currently on hold.

— LifetimePR (@LifetimeTV_PR) June 29, 2014

Aaliyah’s family has expressed their dissatisfaction with the One In A Million performer’s life being depicted in a television movie. Her cousin and president of Blackground Records recently said he felt Aaliyah deserved a major motion picture to be made about her.

[ALSO READ: Aaliyah’s Family Working To Halt Lifetime Biopic]

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“BBW LA” Star Malaysia Pargo Is Mase’s Leading Lady In His “Nothing” Video [SNEAK PEEK] + Bridget Kelly Parts Ways With Jay Z’s Roc Nation Label

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 photo Malaysia2.jpg

Looks like Mase and Malaysia Pargo have gotten a little closer..kind of. She’s starring as the leading lady in his latest video. Also, singer Bridget Kelly has confirmed her split with Roc Nation and that she’s going independent. Check the sneak peek and the deets insde…

Rumors have been circulating that Malaysia Pargo may have found someone new…and that would be rapper-turned-pastor-turned-rapper again Mase. And to add fuel to the fire, the "BBW LA" star is the love interest in the rapper’s upcoming video titled, “Nothing.”

You’ll recall a few months ago Malaysia filed for divorce from her NBA husband Jannero Pargo, citing irreconcilable differences. Also, Mase and his now ex-wife Twyla Betha were going back and forth on whether they wanted to split or not.  But they most recently called it quits, finalizing their divorce.


Peep the sneak peek below:

“Nothing” premieres Monday on Revolt TV.


And in other music news…

 photo BridgetKelly.jpg

Budding singer Bridget Kelly (above at last night’s Young Hollywood event) has confirmed her split with Jay Z’s Roc Nation record label. And she confirms there is no bad blood between them.

In an interview with Rap-Up TV, Bridget said,

“Honestly we needed to part ways,” she said. “You outgrow situations sometimes. I still feel their love. They’re still people I confide in and people that I have a really strong personal relationship with, so in order to keep that intact we needed to just go our separate ways.”

The singer said it was a bit scary to make the move, but she’s ready to embark on her career as an independent artist.

“It was scary at first, but it’s liberating to know that I can just go in with whoever and put anything out that I want to and say what I want to.”

She added,

“I’m really excited ’cause I’m getting to say what I wanna say and talk about all the love in my life and all the stuff I’ve been going through.”

Bridget will be releasing her debut album (not on Roc Nation) in September. Nice.

Photos/Video: Kass for The Brand Group/Mase’s IG

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SAD NEWS: Ice-T’s Grandson ARRESTED After Allegedly FATALLY SHOOTING His Roommate In Georgia Apartment

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 photo icetgrand.jpg

Rapper Ice-T is currently dealing with news no grandparent (or parent) wants to hear. His grandson is sitting behind bars after he reprtedly accidently shot and killed his roommate in their apartment…allegedly. Deets inside…


Sad news for Ice-T’s family. The rapper’s 19-year-old grandson Elyjah Marrow (who appeared on Ice’s reality show “Ice Loves Coco”) has been arrested after reports that he accidently shot and killed his roommate in their Georgia apartment.

Cops tell TMZ that Elyjah (pictured above) is currently in custody after a handgun accidentally went off while in his possession, fatally wounding his 19-year-old roommate, Daryus Johnson.

Now Elyjah is facing a slew of charges after the unfortunate incident. He has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of firearm in the commission of a felony and reckless conduct. He is also being charged with additional charges: possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of a stolen firearm. No word from Ice-T as of yet.

We’ll keep you posted.

Photo: TMZ


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