Fired Exec Zola Mashariki Battles BET As She Battles Breast Cancer, Nas’ Manager POPS OFF

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 photo ZolaMasharikiPrivateDinnerHostedBETNetworksJDeIvQGy3yOl_zps3dw5vtg7.jpeg

After this week’s news of the huge shakeup at BET, there’s a shakeup to the shakeup.  Details on the network’s battle with one of the top employees named to be leaving inside…

Despite BET President Debra Lee announcing this week that Head of Original Programming Zola Mashariki is departing the network, Zola says she is on medical leave and her job is protected.

Sounds like someone didn’t even tell Zola what was happening back at work.  The supposedly well-respected exec, who is currently battling breast ccancer, sent a memo to her team saying there surely must be a misunderstanding that her name was included in the same memo announcing Stephen Hill’s departure.  Here’s her statement in full:

Hi team,

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and have been out of the office and on medical leave since my first surgery on February 6. I just had another surgery last week and it is a painful recovery for me. It has also been hard on my children.

Thank you all for your kind words and support while I have been out. I miss you too!

I heard yesterday that Stephen was leaving BET. I’m concerned that there was a reference to me, as Stephen’s departure is a separate issue from my status at the company.

Here are the facts: I am on medical leave. My job is protected by the Family Medical Leave Act and related statutes (FMLA) and I have a contract in place. Viacom/BET are aware that I am scheduled to return on April 11 and that my medical leave may need to be extended depending on the progress of my recovery.

Bob Bakish has said our company values should be honesty, empathy and bravery. I agree with this wholeheartedly and our team has embodied this over the 2 years we have worked together. Without question, including me in Stephen’s departure announcement in not in keeping with those values.

I am continuing to focus on improving my health. I have faith in the Viacom/BET leadership and know they will fix this. I have a long history in Hollywood and am grateful for the outpouring of support I have received across the entire industry during this difficult time.

Our Original Programming team has accomplished a lot in a short time and the filmmakers and community are excited to work with us again. There is so much more to do.

All my best, Zola


BET today basically reaffirmed that Mashariki is no longer employed at the network, saying in a statement:

“These claims misrepresent the facts and are without merit. We strongly deny any allegation of wrongdoing.”

Deadline states:

According to network sources, Mashariki was terminated on grounds of performance issues that came before her medical leave.


Folks were pretty up in arms about the situation, namely Nas‘ manager Anthony Saleh who recently sold Nas’ new show to the network.  He didn’t hold back on Deb or BET:

 photo 844x1500.jpeg.9e4b6cd105124a55a5526f234ba3d6c5_zpsqqxh4e3z.jpeg


It’s interesting to note, we’re told Debra Lee wasn’t necessarily the person who made the final decision.  How much of a role BET’s parent company Viacom — who’s going through its own shakeup — had in these firings is yet to be seen.

Photos: Getty/Instagram

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THE YBF PODCAST: The June Ambrose Episode – Why She’s Our Style, Storytelling (And Everything) Goals

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 photo IMG_8451 1_zpskktzokgz.jpg

June Ambrose literally re-invented the style game when she took over styling the hip hop elite almost 20 years ago. And she’s STILL #everythinggoals. Listen to our brand new podcast and swipe through our mini photoshoot with the styling guru herself inside…

20 years in this game, and she’s STILL killing it.  Jay-Z would call her one of his Day 1′s.  She’s not only responsible for the hip hop mogul’s style evolution, but she’s created epic hip hop style moments for Missy Elliott, Diddy, Nas, and Mariah Carey (just to name a few).  Celebrity stylist (and bomb chef) June Ambrose came to Samsung 837, New York City’s technology playground and culture hub, to dish to Natasha about climbing her way into the styling guru seat.  It’s a must listen for up and coming stylists and anybody out there grinding.

June dishes on everything: Doing things that scare the sh*t out of you, designing doll dresses and costumes in elementary school and as a theater major, how she got into showrooms, hip hop styling impacting the culture, how the storytelling of rap relates to the story of fashion, styling hip hop artists according to present really life and the future, she schools us on why Kanye West went the boho-homeless grunge route with his clothing line, why her job is to be an artistic storyteller, how she’s done over 200 music videos in her career, why high fashion houses didn’t want to lend to Mariah, styling DMX and Tashera Simmons for their wedding (and the hood antics that ensued), witnessing the drunken party antics of the rap stars, getting slighted (to this day) by certain black actresses, why being humbled is a good thing, the gift she bought for Blue Ivy Carter (and what she’s buying the Carter twins), why she celebrates “rock moms” with her own shop, if she’s making a cook book, raising her kids as business people, leveling up your frumpy wear, her top 5 style icons, having conviction, her dream client, 5 things every woman needs in her closet every season, her worst client ever, her worst style moment ever and more.

 photo IMG_8523 1_zpsuestflys.jpg

 photo IMG_8531 1_zps2udeywgb.jpg

 photo IMG_8540 1_zpsf8pk4qcv.jpg

 photo IMG_8514 1_zpsvugvrvun.jpg

Get into our mini shoot with the flyest fashion chick in the game in the gallery below!


Photog: Jackyron Newman

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J.Lo Gets Sued By Hoverboard Company As Alex Rodriguez (Finally) Dishes On Their Romance

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 photo jennifer-lopez-alex-rodriguez-2_zpsfpnnzvpv.jpeg

When you get hit with a lawsuit but your new bae is singing your praises to world….


Find out what Alex Rodriguez dished about his new boo J.Lo, plus deets on her new legal woes, inside….

Cute! These two are finally admitting to what we’ve been seeing go down for weeks. Alex Rodriguez hit up "The View" today and was quite chatty about dating his new lady Jennifer Lopez.

While Jenny hasn’t spoken a peep about him (yet), she’s been hopping all around the globe with the legendary Yankee while embarking on this new romance.

Now, A-Rod is opening up about her.  And it’s adorable.

When the ladies of "The View" asked about his new romance today, he played a little coy, then dished on everything he likes about her saying:

"We’re having a great time — she’s an amazing, amazing girl.  She’s one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met.  And also an incredible mother."



POWER DUO! @AROD talks his relationship with @JLo: "We’re having a great time — she’s an amazing, amazing girl"

— The View (@TheView) March 31, 2017

He also dished on her guilty snack pleasures: Ice cream and cookies. Ugh, we knew she was our kindred spirit.

Menwhile, a hoverboard company isn’t gushing about the "Shades of Blue" star, at all.  They just slapped her with a lawsuit for, wait for it, insufficient hoverboard enthusiasm.

CNBC reports the Sidekick Group is suing her for not following through on the Twitter & Instagram promotional plan they agreed upon:

According to Sidekick Group, the company gave Lopez 42 custom hoverboards back in 2015 for her to use during a Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas, Variety reported.

Under their agreement, Lopez would also post about Sidekick’s hoverboards at least once every three months, either on Twitter or Instagram, the now-active lawsuit said — something she didn’t end up doing.

Sidekick’s lawsuit alleges that its hoverboards were selling for $1,295 each at the time of this debacle. The suit seeks damages of $54,390, or the retail value of 42 hoverboards.

By the way, Jennifer did tweet about it once.



Photo: Getty

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Inside Ciara & Russell Wilson’s Super Adorable Co-Ed Baby Shower

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 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.46.08 PM_zpsnxouoiru.png

Ciara and Russell Wilson stay bringing the nonstop cuteness!  Get into their super adorable co-ed baby shower inside…

It’s Russell’s first baby and Ciara’s second, and the Wilsons are going ALL OUT.

This past weekend, they had their friends and family (how CUTE is baby Future!) over to a private home for a super luxe and gorgeous baby shower, all decked out in white and flowers.  Ci’s besties LaLa Anthony, Serena Williams, Angie Beyince, Yolanda Fredrick and more were all front and center to celebrate.

We guess Kim K. — who likes to have these ladies around whenever she feels the need — was busy this day.

 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.57.55 AM_zpssj1gfrq5.png

E! News described the scene saying:

The party was held at a private home in Los Angeles where a tent was set up overlooking the city’s gorgeous skyline of bright green trees and blue skies. Inside, the tent was lit up by pretty string lights and big balloons that were adorned by gold and silver fringe. A dining area was formed in the shape of a square with balloons filling the space in the center and cute trinkets—like gold elephant statues, massive flower arrangements, candles and books—covered the table.

We hear burgers fro Shake Shack and flower crowns were the stars of the party.  And we’re not even mad at that.

No obvious nod to the baby’s gender but folks are mumbling about it possibly being a boy (thanks to Ciara saying in a recent Instagram post about blue being her favorite color).

 photo rs_464x749-170330140350-634-2ciara-baby-shower-exclusive_zpsupwlog5r.jpeg photo Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.57.47 AM_zpscvzwlm4h.png

Russell, Ciara and all the guests were decked out in white.  Ci looked absolutely beautiful and the NFL QB looked damn good himself. 


 photo rs_1024x683-170330140350-1024-2ciara-baby-shower-exclusive_zpshdwzx4b9.jpeg 


 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.46.16 PM_zpsyxqimyuy.png  photo Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.58.02 AM_zpsgzb86u1z.png Congrats to the Wilsons!


Photos: Ciara’s Instagram/E!

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VIDEO FAB: Kendrick Lamar Is (The Opposite Of) ‘Humble’, And We Love It

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 photo Screen_Shot_2017_03_31_at_7.56.58_AM_zpsqfcesyfh.jpeg

Kendrick Lamar is THAT dude, and he knows it.  So why not drop a song and video with the ironic title of "Humble."  Check it inside…

Kendrick Lamar just dropped his second new track in a week.  And once again, it’s all about why he’s the greatest rapper alive. Who’s really going to challenge him on that though?

In the Dave Meyers-directed un-"Humble" AF video, Kendrick is portrayed as Steve Jobs, a young Pope, a Grey Poupon spokesman and, oh yeah, him and his homies with their heads literally blowing up.

Kendrick spit some truths about his now privileged life that he earned from being real:

This shit way too crazy, ayy, you do not amaze me, ayy I blew cool from AC, ayy, Obama just paged me, ayy I don’t fabricate it, ayy, most of y’all be fakin’, ayy I stay modest ’bout it, ayy, she elaborate it, ayy This that Grey Poupon, that Evian, that TED Talk, ayy Watch my soul speak, you let the meds talk, ayy If I kill a nigga, it won’t be the alcohol, ayy I’m the realest nigga after all, bitch, be humble

Check out the follow up to "The Heart Part 4" above.


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ROYAL GLOW UP! Meghan Markle Reportedly Set To Move Into Kensington Palace…With Prince Harry

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 photo megprincemove.jpg

This royal glow up is REAL. Meghan Markle is reportedly moving into Kensington Palace with her boyfriend Prince Harry. Details inside…

It appears Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship will reach a new level soon. And we’re SO here for it.

The Daily Mail is reporting that that “Suits” actress will move in Prince Harry’s two-bedroom apartment, known as Nottingham Cottage, inside Kensington Palace. It’s not your regular two-bedroom apartment either.

The tricked out abode is currently being renovated so that would allow more than 16,146 square feet of extra space over three (yes, THREE) floors. The apartment reportedly belonged to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, and it will be very close to Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s wing of the palace.

“He keeps popping round and asking when it will be a ready,” a source told the Daily Mail. So it seems, he’s eager to get the renovations done to move his lady in their new “love nest.”

Kensington Palace is remaining mum on Meghan possibly moving in, calling it a “private matter.”

As you all know, moving into the royal palace is a big deal and moving in together would likely mean an engagement is on the horizon.  But, it’s interesting to note, Kate moved into Kensington Palace before she and Prince William officially got married.

With reports that Meghan is possibly considering leaving the acting world after working on this season of “Suits,” the possibility of her moving in with Harry seems greater. It’s reported she wants to stop acting to focus more on her philanthropic efforts.  You know, things princesses do…

Photos: Getty

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MAJOR SHAKEUP: Stephen Hill OUT At BET Networks!

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 photo StephenHillBETPresentsPremiereScreening3P-cKChRJVal_zpsili4dqkq.jpeg

Well, this was a surprise. There’s a couple major shakeups going down at BET. Deets inside…


BET’s President of Programming, and arguably the face of the network in the last several years, Stephen Hill has stepped dpwn from his position.  While no reason was given in head honcho Debra Lee‘s memo to the staff, it seems to still be an amicable situation.  Unless folks are simply saving face.

 photo StephenHillBETPreGrammyBrunch_llApSusHyTl_zpswrkualar.jpeg

Debra sent out a memo to staffers today singing Stephen’s praises, recapping all the major milestones he contributed to in the past 18 years, and wishing him well on his future adventures:

Dear BET Team,

I want to let you know that Stephen Hill, President of Programming for BET Networks has decided to step down from his role.

Stephen joined Viacom in 1995, and then BET in 1999, serving as President of Music Programming and Specials before taking on the role as President of Programming.

Stephen has earned a reputation as one of the leading creative minds in television and music. His contributions to the team have been invaluable as we worked together to successfully reinvigorate our brand.

Who could ever forget THE Prince Tribute, James Brown and Michael Jackson, Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar? This list can go on and on. The incredible “awww yeahhh” moments Stephen has created during his 18 years literally are too many to mention.

I recently told the story of the first time I saw Stephen dancing in the aisle with red pants! I knew that was the spirit needed to take BET to the next level. And that was exactly what he did. His programming vision helped to create 106 & Park, The BET Awards, The Hip Hop Awards and hits such as Real Husbands of Hollywood, the amazing success of The New Edition Story and many, many more.

Most importantly, Stephen has been a trusted colleague and friend to many of us. We are fortunate to have enjoyed his service, creativity and laughter for so many years. I can’t imagine this ride without his energy, passion and love of BET.

Thank you Stephen for every awesome and magical moment, I know this won’t be our last dance. I know your dedication to BET will still live on in everyone you’ve touched over the years.

Please join me in thanking Stephen for all the love and support he has given BET over the course of his remarkable career.

Let’s wish him well in his next adventure.




Also stepping down from their post is EVP Head of Original Programming Zola Mashariki.  Stephen has yet to speak out himself, but we wish him well on his next move.


Photos: Getty

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RUMOR CONTROL: Nah, Corey Gamble & Kris Jenner Are Not Broken Up

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 photo CoreyGambleTommyHilfigerSpring2017WomenHOm0l_SIo83l_zpsxfsebzdr.jpeg

Rumors hit the net yesterday that Corey Gamble got out, aka split from Kris Jenner.  But now we’ve learned that isn’t necessarily the case…

Corey Gamble is currently vacationing in South Africa with Justin Beiber‘s manager Scooter Braun (y’all know this dude loves his connects).  But Radar Online said it was a vacay to help him deal with his alleged split from Kardashian-Jenner mastermind Kris Jenner.

The site said they hadn’t been seen together since Valentine’s Day, and an alleged source said Kris broke things off to focus on her family & reality show:

“Kris told Corey that she needed some space so that she could focus on her family and the show right now,” a source close to the Kardashians told Radar.

“She said that she was getting side-tracked with this relationship and that she needed to put her family before her own needs and wants.”

Commenters on Corey’s page were literally congratulating him on "his escape."

Now, the Kardashian’s mouthpiece TMZ says they "did some digging" – meaning likely spoke directly to Kris or her rep – and learned they’re still very much on.  And the breakup story was apparently a pure lie:

Several media outlets posted split stories Tuesday, so we did some digging. The word back … "100% not true." We’re told there wasn’t even a fight. Our sources say the whole thing was made up.

Y’all know that family is quick to squash reports they didn’t concoct themselves.


May need to scratch the itch ……

A post shared by Corey Gamble (@coreygamble) on Mar 28, 2017 at 6:31am PDT

The 36-year-old and the 61-year-old matriarch have been dating since November 2014.

 photo CoreyGambleModelsRehearseTommyHilfigerP4uI4zNghq9l_zpsjsr3mqgm.jpeg

Nah, he ain’t going nowhere fam. #ConnectsTooGood



Photos: FameFlynet/Getty

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ICYMI: Savannah James’ New Mentorship Program Is Everything Young Girls In Akron Need

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 photo sjames1.jpg

Savannah James is launching a new mentorship program for young girls in her hometown of Akron, Ohio. And it’s going to be everything the young ladies will need to help them successfully get through high school. Details and pics inside…

LeBron James’ wife Savannah James is more than just the wife of an NBA baller. She’s dedicated to giving back to the youth in her hometown.  And that’s why she’s one of our faves.

The NBA WAG launched a new mentorship program called “Women of Our Future” at her alma mater Buchtel Community Learning Center earlier this month. The program will start mentoring 16 high school students, who are a part of the inaugural class, to help empower and inspire them as they navigate through high school.

 photo sjames22.png

“Women of Our Future,” in collaboration with the United Way of Summit County iC.A.R.E. mentoring program, will offer the Akron ladies one-on-one mentoring, academic support and constant encouragement as they pursue their education.

"I wanted to start the ‘Women of Our Future’ program because I know the struggles and pressures a lot of these young women are facing during these tough high school years, and I want them to know they are supported every step of the way," Savanna said. "I’m passionate about empowering and encouraging these young women because they are the future leaders of our community. I’m honored and excited to be in a position to work with them."


 photo sjames3.png

Savannah’s new mentorship program will add to her philanthropic efforts. In 2013, she launched the I PROMise Makeover, which is an annual event that encourages Akron girls to be confident, and assists those ladies who need help with getting ready for prom. She also volunteers for her husband’s LeBron James Family Foundation to help Akron students achieve their dreams through education.

Loves it!

After kicking off her program, the mother-of-three was honored  at the “For Women, Forever” annual dinner, hosted by the Women’s Endowment Fund of Akron Community Foundation. And LeBron gave her the sweetest shoutout.




Peep LeBron and Savannah’s daughter Zhuri adorable dance moves with her big brother Bryce above!

We can’t even deal with all that cuteness!

Photos: @4starinc

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A.J. Calloway & Wife Dionne Welcome Their First Baby Boy – See The Pics!

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 photo image009_zpsc9x8o6dt.jpeg

More baby news for A.J. Calloway!  Meet the TV correspondent’s brand new, super adorable bundle of joy inside…

Baby #3 is here!

"Extra" correspondent A.J. Calloway is officially a father of 3.  He and his wife Dionne Walker just welcomed their first baby boy, aptly named A.J. Calloway III.

Baby III was a little over a week early, and he and his mama are doing just fine.

 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.10.39 PM_zpsvnkea5fs.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.10.58 PM_zpszrgdfp1t.png

Proud papa A.J. gushed:

God gives us blessings beyond our comprehension! Overwhelmed and overjoyed! Mother and son are doing beautiful!


The couples’ two daughters Ava Claire and Amy Belle are already on big sister duty:

 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.10.51 PM_zpsx0bwadxi.png 

The 42-year-old TV talker has come a LONG way since BET’s "106 & Park."  Congrats to him and his fabulous family!


Photos: Instagram/Extra

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