Dash Cam Video Of Tiger Woods’ DUI Arrest Is Out, And It’s Interesting

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 photo TigerWoodsOmegaDubaiDesertClassicDayGLLb5DzmAazl_zpstekwaieq.jpeg

The dash cam video of Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest this week has been released.  Watch it inside.

As the story surrounding the golf champ’s DUI arrest gets discussed all around social media, the video of exactly how it went down has been released as promised.  Just as the police report stated, Tiger was compliant with cops when he understood the questions asked of him.  The video does show that he was in no shape to be behind the wheel at that time.

Tiger said in a statement that the situation was unintentional. He did not expect the adverse reaction to his prescription medications he was taking at the time. It is interesting, though, that he would drive a vehicle at all while on any possibly body-altering drugs.

Thankfully, no one (including Tiger) was hurt when the Jupiter Police Department found him sleeping in his vehicle on the side of the road.  No alcohol was found in his system.

Tiger has been recovering from some recent back surgery, four surgeries in three years to be exact. 


Photo: Getty

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Tank Gets Blasted For Performing Shirtless At Pride Event, But He’s Got A Response + Lil Kim Was There…Looking Different

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 photo tankkim.jpg

Tank is receiving backlash for performing shirtless at a gay pride event in D.C. Also, Lil Kim was there…looking different. Get it all inside…

 photo kimdc3.png

Tank is in some mess on social media. He’s no stranger to social media drama, but this one is a bit different.

The R&B crooner performed at a Gay Pride event in Washington D.C. over the Memorial Day Weekend. And some folks’ panties are in a bunch o it.ver The problem? Apparently, some of his fans have an issue with him performing shirtless for a gay pride event.

 photo kimdc4.png

Check it:

Money is green. RT @tysandsnyc: So Tank really did do Pride.

— .Griselda Blanco. (@MaMiizBoSS) May 30, 2017

So, what’s the issue again? Had he NOT performed because the event was catered to the LGBT community, people would be up in arms. Now, they’re mad because he DID perform?

Peep a few tweets:


Gay men with nice bodies and clean cut faces… yeah Tank was loving that view.

— Tarshay (@Ucan_KissMyPump) May 29, 2017



I told y’all Tank was gay

— Kira J. (@Nekiraa) May 30, 2017


But, some fans are coming to his defense:


If you think #Tank is gay for performing at DC Pride then you’re part of the problem

— Random Gentleman (@Chrischendo615) May 29, 2017



If Tank refused to performed at gay pride, y’all would say he’s homophobic, now that he did y’all saying he’s gay. Sit down!@TheRealTank

— Jerome Trammel (@MrJeromeTrammel) May 29, 2017



Straight men should not be getting dragged for showing love to the LGBT community, but nonetheless, he we are. https://t.co/B81StTtZdI

— Eyasu (@youngyasu) May 30, 2017


An amazing moment.. #DCPride #DopePic #TheGeneral @twelvepastseven

A post shared by Tank (@therealtank) on May 30, 2017 at 12:03pm PDT


Oh, Lil Kim was also in the mix looking…interesting:

 photo kimdc2.png

 photo kimdc1.png

Here are a few clips from her performance:



A post shared by Davey (@damnit_d) on May 28, 2017 at 12:49am PDT




A post shared by Brooklyn (@lilkimdior) on May 30, 2017 at 2:35pm PDT



A post shared by CaLi (@kingsize_cali) on May 28, 2017 at 7:58am PDT


Oh Kimmy…


Photos: @michaelantonio_now/@twelvepastseven

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Tiger Woods Was Sleeping Behind The Wheel When He Was Arrested For DUI + His Girlfriend’s Suspect Reaction

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 photo TigerWoodsOmegaDubaiDesertClassicDay1qxJvfPECLel_zpsdpltyqlw.jpeg

On the heels of Tiger Woods releasing a statement about his DUI having nothing to do with alcohol, all the details about the influence he WAS under have been released.  And his girlfriend’s reaction is one for the books. Get it all inside…

Tiger was found asleep behind the wheel of his his $222,000 Mercedes yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.  His DUI has caused plenty of discussion (and memes) on social media, and the newest details aren’t going to help the situation.

He may not have been drinking, but he was definitely under the influence of drugs, drugs which he says were prescription.

The police report paints the full picture of what went down when a member of the Jupiter Police Department approached his car that was still running on the side of the road, with the right turn signal on. Police say he did submit to a breathalyzer (which read at 0) but was disoriented and had slurred speech when they woke him up.  Tiger also told the cops that he was coming from golfing in California.

 photo 3-84da092287_zpsymxh5xny.jpeg

 photo 5-35cd1bc513_zpstp19nruw.jpeg


He could be facing up to six months in prison if convicted on the DUI charge, and be ordered to pay $1,000 in fines while performing up to 50 hours of community service.

Tiger has gone through 4 major surgeries in the last 3 years.  It would be understandable if he was on a high amount of pain medicine during this time.  The issue here, though, is getting behind the wheel while on any type of meds that could even possibly cause body altering changes. 

The golf champ says he takes full responsibility in a statement issued yesterday:

“I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions.  I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn’t realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly.”

“I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again,” he said.

He also submitted to a urine test, but results have not yet been released.



A post shared by Kristin Dodson Smith (@dodsonsmith) on May 19, 2017 at 5:14pm PDT

Tiger’s 33-year-old stylist girlfriend, Kristin Smith, was shopping in Neiman Marcus near her home in Dallas when she got the news.  Allegedly, she screamed out "I knew it!  I knew it!" and appeared extremely upset according to multiple witnesses.  The gag?  Chick still rang up her $5,000+ purchase before leaving out to check on her boo.  Oh, and she was spotted out shopping AGAIN today.  Maybe it was all for her client, Tony Romo‘s wife Candice.


The public first learned of her and Tiger’s relationship when she was stopped at the airport last year for carrying $200,000 in cash.  She said then that her boyfriend, Tiger Woods, gave it to her as a gift.

He certainly has a type though.  Chile…

Photo: Getty

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Tyson Beckford Gets Into It With A Man Over His Girlfriend, So Tyson Exposes Him

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 photo tysonchest.png

Tyson Beckford got all caught up in some relationship drama. It wasn’t his drama though. Find out what we mean, plus deets about a rapper named Ali Vegas making claims that Tyson is on the down low inside….


Tyson Beckford stays in some ish, doesn’t he?  A couple months ago, rapper Ali Vegas accused the model of trying to sleep with him.

Now, the model is caught up in some relationship drama with one of his female fans and her boyfriend. It was a case of when a celebrity takes a picture with a fan and it goes all the way left.

 photo IMG_5409_zpsh0mcpj0y.png 

 photo IMG_5413_zpszk1xlhvf.png


While hanging out in Las Vegas, a female fan posted a picture with Tyson, who’s currently performing his Chippendales residency, and her boyfriend didn’t like it one bit.

Doing the absolute most, the boyfriend DM’d Tyson and threatened to beat him up…on site! Peep Tyson’s response below. Lordt.

 photo IMG_5411_zpsexeexi7p.png


 photo IMG_5412_zpsmwr6cefu.png


Jobs and hobbies are needed, clearly.


Photos: Tyson’s IG

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BREAKING: ‘Underground’ CANCELLED, No Season 3 At WGN America

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 photo UNDERGROUND-CAST-SHOT_R-768x520_zps1qsyoa1v.jpeg

Worst case scenario has occurred for WGN America’s hit show "Underground."  Details inside…

"Underground" has just been cancelled by WGN America after its second season.

While the news may come as a shock to many, especially the show’s many fans, the cancellation has been whispered about in the industry for several weeks now.

The reason very likely has nothing to do with ratings as the show shattered network ratings and even set network records in both seasons.  In recent weeks, though, it’s been said that WGN’s parent company tribune Media being sold to the conservative Sinclair Media Group in recent business deal could cause "Underground" to have a shortened life span.

Tribune CEO Peter Kern attributed the show "not fitting in with their new direction" saying in a statement:

“Despite Underground being a terrific and important series, it no longer fits with our new direction and we have reached the difficult decision not to renew it for a third season,” said  “We are tremendously proud of this landmark series that captured the zeitgeist and made an impact on television in a way never before seen on the medium… It is our hope that this remarkable show finds another home and continues its stories of courage, determination and freedom.”

He continued:

"As WGN America evolves and broadens the scope and scale of its portfolio of series, we recently announced that resources will be reallocated to a new strategy to increase our relevance within the rapidly changing television landscape. This move is designed to deliver additional value for our advertising and distribution partners and offer viewers more original content across our air.”

Sinclair has been accused of charging its media properties with the task of creating and airing more right-winged content.  Also, in a money cutting move, the media properties like WGN will supposedly start airing mainly vintage syndicated sitcoms and shows. 

"Underground" was one of the network’s first attempts at original programming, and they hit it out the park cinematically and story-wise.  While season two raked in about half as many viewers as season 1, the show still has a cult following and receives rave review from critics.

 photo underground-press-2016-billboard-650_zpszfa4loxo.jpeg

We wouldn’t be surprised if the series — starring Jurnee Smollett Bell, Aldis Hodge, John Legend — is immediately scooped up by another network.  Netflix, OWN, anyone.  Reportedly, SONY Pictures Television is already shopping the series to other networks. 

John Legend tweeted:

 photo Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.18.56 PM_zpsw8e1vj0n.png

We sincerely hope the show finds a new home.


Photos: Getty/WGN America



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Kevin Hart’s Empire-Building Game Is STRONG + Kev & T.I.’s Comedy Series Gets Picked Up By Showtime

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 photo kevinvariety.jpg

Kevin Hart is on a journey to become the biggest comedian in showbiz, using a blueprint laid out by media mogul Oprah Winfrey.  Get into the comedian’s newest magazine cover, plus the latest details about his new comedy series with T.I. inside…

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to respect him.

Kevin Hart is arguably the hardest working man in the entertainment business as he books gigs for big time movie roles, he sells out football stadiums on his comedy tours, he’s working behind-the-scenes creating new television shows and he’s currently putting the finishing touches on his new book, “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons” (set to be released June 6th).

To round out his movies this year, Kevin will voice over a character in the animated film Captain Underpants (June 2nd) and he’ll star in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, set to hit theaters in December.

Yeah, this man, who’s about to be a dad again, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

 photo kevinvariety2.jpg

The 37-year-old actor/comedian covers this week’s Variety issue where he opens up about building his comedy empire…Oprah Winfrey style. Who better to emulate right?

Since making his mark in the business, he has formed friendships with MOGULS like Lady O, Jay Z and Tyler Perry. And he dubs them all as his business mentors.

“I’m a student. It’s all about getting their nod of approval and knowing I’m going in the right direction,” Kevin told the magazine.

 photo kevinvariety3.jpg

The Ride Along star’s manager, Dave Becky, expounded on his ultimate goals. He shared,

“Think comedic Oprah. He’s going to build companies and invest in companies and do the things that Oprah and LeBron James do, where they don’t just do their craft—they create industries.”

He’s certainly on the right path. You can read his full interview here.


In other Kevin Hart news…

 photo tipkevin.jpg

The “Real Husbands of Hollywood” star/executive producer has teamed up with rapper T.I. for a brand new music-themed office comedy titled, “The Studio.” And it just got picked up by Showtime for development. Woot! You’ll recall, Kevin called up Tip to spit some bars for his Chocolate Droppa mixtape.

According to Deadline, the new series, written by Ayesha Carr (“Everybody Hates Chris”), will follow the day-to-day and night-to-night antics that happen in a music recording studio.  It will highlight the people who work in this unorthodox office space and the conversations you have when your peek work hours are from midnight to six in the morning.

Ratchet moments abound!  We’re here to see how they spin this. 


Also, Kevin will be starring on “Oprah’s Mast Class” when it returns to OWN on June 10th for season 6. Other masters include Steve Harvey, Congressman John Lewis, LL Cool J, Gladys Knight, Shaquille O’Neal, Tyler Perry, Usher and Lynn Whitfield.

Peep the trailer above.

Check out Kevin’s episode when it premieres Saturday, June 10th at 10pm EST on OWN.

Photos: Pamela Littky via Variety/ Getty

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All Of The Memorial Day 2017 YBF Kiddie Cuteness You Gotta See

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 photo ybfkidmemorial.jpg

Get into all of the YBF Kiddie cuteness that ensued over the Memorial Day Weekend inside…

 photo Tail20.png

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 had celebs on parent duty with their little ones.

A pregnant Beyonce, who’s rumored to be giving birth in June, shared an adorable shot holding her baby girl Blue Ivy over her growing twin belly. The Grammy Award winner was decked out in all blue while her daughter rocked a cute pink bathing suit topped with her mom’s blue hat.

 photo Kaleigh6_1.png

Birthday fun!

It was party time for the Wades as they came together to celebrate Dwyane Wade’s son Zion’s 10th birthday yesterday.

 photo Kaleigh5_1.png

"Being Mary Jane" star Gabrielle Union was on her step-mom duties.

 photo Kaleigh7.png

Looks like Zion is the ultimate movie lover. Time will tell if he’ll catch the acting bug…

 photo Kaleigh8_1.png

Twinning with the birthday boy.

 photo Kaleigh8.png

 photo Kaleigh6.png

Fun times.

 photo Kaleigh53.png

Rapper Wale took his baby girl Zyla Moon to meet her favorite cartoon characters at Nickelodeon Universe. She’s too cute!

 photo Kaleigh5.png

Issa graduation celebration!

Kaleigh Whitfield, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield and ex-NFL star Bob Whitfield’s daughter, just graduated from high school. And her entire family, including her model brother Kairo Whitefield, came out to celebrate her big accomplishment.

 photo Kaleigh2.png

 photo Kaleigh3.png

 photo Kaleigh1.png

The high school graduate will be attending Howard University this fall. Congrats!

 photo cpaul1.png

Los Angeles Clippers baller Chris Paul took his children (and friends) to the field to watch some baseball to celebrate his son Chris Paul II‘s  birthday.

 photo cpaul2.png

 photo cpaul3.png

Aww! Daddy-daughter cuteness with Chris and his daughter Camryn were all over SnapChat this weekend.

 photo Kaleigh52.png

Boris Kodjoe and his wife Nicole Ari Parker and their children, Sophie and Nicolas, were busy getting henna tattoos to celebrate the holiday. #FamilyGoals!

 photo Kaleigh51.png

Chilli‘s son Tron Austin, whom she shares with Dallas Austin, and her mother are clearly about that life! Sheesh.


Photos: Beyonce’s IG/Gabby’s SnapChat/Wale’s IG/Sheree’s IG/Chris’ SnapChat/Nicole’s IG/Chilli’s IG

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10 YBF Chicks Who Are Definitely Heating Up #SwimsuitSeason

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 photo swimsuitteaseragain.jpg

It’s officially swimsuit season and celebs are heating things up.  They’ve been flossing their bikini bods all Holiday weekend, and it’s just the beginning.  Go inside to peep pics of Countess Vaughn, Elle Varner, Winnie Harlow and more serving up #bikinigoals inside…

 photo Tail40.png

Swimsuit season is here! And the ladies are showing out one way or another.

Actress Countess Vaughn is no stranger to posting up a sexy shot or two on Instagram.  And she def doesn’t care about the haterific comments she always gets. A few years ago, Countess went under the knife to kick off her weight loss journey. And as you see, she’s still working to keep it off. On IG she captioned, "I can finally wear my two piece."

Looking good Countess!

 photo Tail24.png

Singer Elle Varner spent her Memorial Day Weekend at Disney World and her vacay included some hot bikini shots. Werk!

 photo Tail21.png

Ray J’s wife Princess Love was on grill duty…and kept it cute while doing so.

Chick rolled up at the pool party with a grocery basket full of goodies to get the cookout started:



 photo Tail31.png

Model Winnie Harlow jetted to Monte Carlo to cheer on her rumored boo racecar driver Lewis Hamilton during the Moanco Grand Prix. There’s always time for an impromptu photoshoot and chick slayed it, of course.

 photo Tail30.png

 photo Tail32.png

 photo Tail34.png




A post shared by ♔Winnie Harlow (@winnieharlow) on May 28, 2017 at 8:43am PDT


So, does this make it official? We think so.


 photo Tail43.png

Speaking of supermodels with their boos, Chanel Iman was busy getting cutesy with her NFL playing boyfriend Sterling Shepard in Miami over the Memorial Day Weekend.

 photo Tail44.png

They’re so cute.

 photo Tail26.png

"Claws" actress Karrueche was laid up with her homie J. Ryan for the Memorial Day Weekend festivities in Las Vegas.  She was also with rumored boo Quavo in Miami.

 photo Tail27.png

Terrence J’s girlfriend/model Jasmine Sanders showed off her swimsuit bod before getting kissy with her beau at a pool party. Someone caught TJ and Jasmine being all wrapped up in love and she happily shared it on the Gram:


 photo Tail22.png

Push through Porsha Williams! The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was flossing hard in Miami as she preps to celebrate her birthday in a few weeks.

 photo Tail25.png

After celebrating her daughter Reginae Carter’s high school graduation, Toya Wright jetted to Cabo to flex a little.

 photo Tail23.png

Faith Evans served up swimsuit vibes this weekend too.  Chick is killing it.


Photos: Countess’ IG/Elle’s IG/Princess’ IG/Winnie’s IG/Chanel’s IG/Karrueche’s IG/Porsha’s IG/Toya’s IG/Faith Evans’ IG

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Tamir Rice’s Killer Gets FIRED By Cleveland Police Department, But Not For What You Think

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 photo tamir.jpg

The Cleveland police officer that shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired. Get the latest inside…

There are new updates in relation to Tamir Rice’s fatal shooting.

Today, the Cleveland Police Department fired the police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice outside of the Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014. The officers believed Tamir was carrying a weapon, but it turned out to be a toy gun.

Cleveland officials held a news conference today where they announced Timothy Loehmann, the officer who fired the fatal shot, would be terminated immediately. Officer Frank Gamback, who was driving the patrol car, has been suspended for 10 days beginning Wednesday, May 31st. The reason stated is that following an investigation, Officer Loehmann was found to have broken rules during his application process.

The NY Times reports:

The decision came after what Mayor Frank Jackson of Cleveland called an “exhaustive process” of investigation.

Cleveland’s chief of police, Calvin Williams, said at the news conference that Mr. Loehmann’s firing was effective immediately. Mr. Garmback would be required to take an additional tactical training course.

“This has been tough on our entire community, and definitely on the Rice family,” said Mr. Williams. “When this happened in 2014, I made the comment that this is of course a tragedy, but it’s even more tragic that it happened at the hands of a Cleveland police officer.”

The officers were dispatched after Tamir was reported for playing with a pellet gun near a recreation center. Though the caller specified that the gun was “probably fake,” that information was not communicated to the responding officers. Video released after the incident showed that Officer Loehmann shot Tamir within two seconds of the patrol car pulling up beside the boy.

You’ll recall, a grand jury decided NOT to criminally charge any of the officers involved in the shooting in 2015. Folks were pissed, launching nationwide protests. It was reported the city of Cleveland will pay Tamir’s family $6 million to settle a lawsuit. By the way, Tamir would have turned 15-years-old next month.

While the officer who took Tamir’s life will not suffer the consequences in prison, at least he’s off the street where he can’t do the same thing again.  It is interesting, though, that he lost his job over lying on an application yet escaped major repercussions of killing an unarmed teen.

Photo: NY Times

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ICYMI: Paris Jackson’s Hippie Style Got Her Mistaken For Homeless Person On Set + Reactions To Michael Jackson’s LIFETIME Film

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 photo parishippie.jpg

Apparently, Paris Jackson’s style caused her to be mistaken for a homeless person when she showed up on set. Get the deets, plus people’s reactions to LIFETIME’s Michael Jackson movie inside…

Paris Jackson just started getting her feet wet in the modeling and acting worlds. But, based on a few tweets she fired off recently, not everyone knows who she is. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson showed up to a photoshoot set where a man walks up to her while she’s waiting in the parking lot and tells her “homeless people” aren’t allowed in the area.


one of the first people on set, sitting in the parking lot and this dude comes up to me and says homeless people aren’t allowed in this area

— Paris-Michael K. J. (@ParisJackson) May 25, 2017



.@ParisJackson Mistaken for Homeless Person on Set of Feature Film Debut https://t.co/UPjPaYmduM pic.twitter.com/6IHwFRpk8i

— TheWrap (@TheWrap) May 25, 2017



In another tweet, she further explained, “I said ‘oh sorry, I’m waiting for hair and maekup should I wait elsewhere. Also, why do you assume I’m homeless?”

Paris is known for her hippie style, but a homeless person? They tried it.

It’s likely other media outlets thought she was on the set of a new movie because she’s gearing up to make her feature film debut.

Paris will be starring in an Amazon Studios film helmed by Nash Edgerton. The title of the film is unknown right now, but we’ve got a little insight into Paris’ role. She will play a girl named Nelly, described as "an edgy 20-year-old" in the dark comedy about a mild-mannered American businessman who crosses a line from citizen to criminal.

She’s joining the cast with Hollywood heavyhitter David Oyelowo, who will play the American businessman Harold Soyinka and YBF actress Thandie Newton. Charlize Theron, Yul Vazquez, Amanda Seyfried, and the director’s brother Joel Edgerton round out the cast.

In other Michael Jackson-related news…

LIFETIME premiered their Michael Jackson film, Searching for Neverland, last night. Did you watch?

The TV film chronicled the last two years of the Pop icon’s life, especially his personal life with his three children. The network has a reputation for a few tragic biopics, so we know folks were on the fence about watching it.

Some folks did watch it, and here are a few reactions shared on social media: 


Me to @lifetimetv rn #SearchingForNeverland pic.twitter.com/G1gn7fRWac

— Fat Prophet (@Tay___xo__) May 30, 2017



Y’all what is this movie even about ??? We ain’t heard no songs, ain’t seen bubbles wtf is this??? #MichaelJackson #searchingforneverland

— Erin KM (@ErinKM23) May 30, 2017



No Movie About Michael Will Ever Be As Good As "The Jacksons: An American Dream" Ill Argue About It #Searchingforneverland pic.twitter.com/1S1jj7bXNk

— Neshae (@NeshaeNeshaee) May 30, 2017



No director or producer will top 1992 The Jacksons: American Dream #MichaelJacksonMovie #SearchingforNeverland pic.twitter.com/aDdjRo1AYI

— Myssdee (@Myssdee) May 30, 2017



I’m all into this movie #SearchingForNeverland

— super (@PocahontasXo) May 30, 2017


If you watched, tell us your thoughts in the comments!



1. Ariana Grande will host a benefit concert following the Manchester attack with Pharrell Williams and more on June 4th. STORY

Photo: Getty

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