112 Drops ‘Dangerous Games’ Visuals, Returns With 6th Studio Album + Tamar Braxton QUITS Music For Hubby

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 photo 122album.jpg

112 is ready to push through with some classic R&B tracks as they ready their 6th studio album. Peep their new visuals for their track “Dangerous Games.” Plus, find out why Tamar Braxton is quitting the music industry inside…

112 fans get excited!

Q, Mike, Slim, and Daron are readying their sixth studio album titled, Q MIKE SLIM DARON. The Grammy Award winning quartette gears up for the October 27th release by dropping new visuals for their track “Dangerous Games,” and it’s a R&B banger.

The track has a modern beat, but they stay true to their 90s R&B lyrics and flow. “Dangerous Games” is already making a splash on the Top 20 chart, the follow up to their teaser track “Strawberry.”

In the clip, the R&B crooners skillfully move through the highs and lows of love with allusions to games of chance. Playing with fire is one of the most dangerous of games, but don’t tell that to 112, as they have pure fire on their hands with this sincere and heartfelt jam.

Peep the video treatment below:

Also, the fellas are gearing up for a world tour with Dru Hill and Ginuwine that will kick off in the UK at the end of this month and they’ll make their way back to the States for the multi-city U.S. leg in October. Peep the dates here.

In other music news…

 photo tamarquit.png

R&B singer Tamar Braxton fought damn near her whole life to make it in the music industry and now she’s quitting.

As she gears up to release her fifth studio album, the R&B singer sat down with Entertainment Tonight to explain why she’s calling her forthcoming album, Bluebird of Happiness, her LAST album. Apparently, being a singer and having her husband Vince Herbert manage her is putting a strain on their marriage.

“There’s a lot of things that’s going on in my relationship and me being close to the music industry," she said. "Whatever I can do to eliminate all of the stress and problems off of my relationship, then I would rather do that. Protect what’s important.”

She said working together and living together, “it’s a lot of things to discuss and argue about.”

The “Braxton Family Values” star also revealed she wants more children, at least five total. And she also said she would love to return to daytime TV. Speaking of TV shows, we wonder what’s up with her talk show that Steve Harvey was supposed to produce.

Peep the clip below:

Hmm…do we think she’s really leaving or is this PR for album sales? Time will tell…

Bluebird of Happiness is expected to drop September 29th.  She’s also set to go on tour with Xscape this fall.



1.  Courtney Kemp, creator of "Power," is rebooting the cult 1974 blaxploitation-themed TV movie Get Christie Love! on ABC. STORY

2.  New mom Melanie Fiona returns with a new single, "Remember U", which hits stores today. It’s the first single off Melanie’s upcoming full length album, Next Train. The album will be released in early 2018 and will be the singer’s third full length.



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Why The Hell Isn’t Colin Kaepernick On SI’s Protest Cover When HE Started It?

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 photo SIcover.jpg

So, Sports Illustrated dedicated their newest issue to the professional athletes that are taking a stand (and a knee) against racial and social injustice. But they totally forgot to Photoshop in the person who started it all: Colin Kaepernick. More inside…

The hate and shade is SO real.

So, Sports Illustrated put their Photoshop skills to work for this week’s issue about professional athletes coming together to speak out and protest against social and racial injustice. The cover features 10 prominent professional athletes – including LeBron James, Steph Curry, WNBA player Candace Parker and more- linking arms with the title, "A nation divided, sports united."

But, someone in the editing room had a major oversight. Or maybe it wasn’t an oversight at all. Maybe it was just SHADE. Either way, the cover creators forgot to paste in former 49ers QB/free agent Colin Kaepernick. You know, the man who got us all talking about political protests in sports in the first place.

When SI dropped the cover, social media was in a frenzy asking the same question we’re asking…”Where IS COLIN?!”

Well, SI executive editor Steve Cannella has a response, if you want to call it that.

"What we wanted to capture with this cover [was] yes the news of the weekend… but we thought the enduring message of what we saw, especially on Sunday in the NFL, was this sense of unity," he said.

“In some ways even though his picture is not there, in some ways Colin Kaepernick is there, I think we all know that,” he said. “Colin Kaepernick is, for a lack of a better word, looming over everything that happened this weekend, and looms over many issues in society right now. I thought what we were trying to capture with this cover is the way new voices emerged this weekend, and the way this debate, this issue, this protest movement has sort of evolved even beyond Colin Kaepernick.”

“He’s the guy who sort of started it all, I think we see a lot more people in various ways sort of join the movement for lack of a better term this weekend. That’s what we were trying to capture with this cover,” Cannella went on. “Colin Kaepernick is on that cover, even if his face isn’t, and his name’s not there, we all know who stands behind this movement, we all know who got it started. Colin Kaepernick has many more brothers today than he did a week ago.”

HOW Sway?  How? This protest is not about simple unity in sports, unless they’re unifying to defeat racial injustices.

We can’t.

Steph Curry, who’s featured, isn’t feeling the cover at all and called it "terrible""


Stephen Curry said the recent SI cover (in which he was on) not including Colin Kaepernick was "terrible" pic.twitter.com/HDSUxcQvdm

— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) September 27, 2017


We agree. Thoughts?

Photo: SI

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Single Kofi Siriboe Says He’s Readying Himself For His Next Bae + Shirtless Sterling K. Brown Reminds Us He’s Fine AND Funny

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 photo kofisingle.jpg

Kofi Siriboe and Sterling K. Brown had us ready to lick our televisions with all their melanin sexiness during their daytime appearances. Find out what Kofi said about singledom and see Sterling take it off inside…

With “Queen Sugar” set to come back for a brand new season soon (yesss!), Kofi Siriboe is currently making his rounds to promote.

The YBF hottie stopped by the “Wendy Show” this morning looking like a snack, hell a whole meal actually. Women were losing their minds and we can’t even be mad.  Did he get more swole in real life, or is that just our minds wishing and hoping?




A post shared by Koshie Mills | C.E.O K3PR® (@k3pr) on Sep 27, 2017 at 8:27am PDT


The 23-year-old revealed he’s currently single and will likely stay that way for a while. But, don’t fret. It’s for a good reason.

The “Queen Sugar” star said he wants to work on himself as he adjusts to fame and things like that. He wants to lay a good foundation so that when he’s ready to be committed, he does it right. Plus, he wants tons of babies starting in the next 5 years. *raises hand slowly to offer ourselves up as tribute*

Besides, it would be hard for any woman to be in a relationship with him right now since he’s for sure one of the HOTTEST actors in the game right now. Women would be laying thirst traps everywhere. The level of ho-spray you’d have to carry is something lethal.

About those Issa Rae rumors, he definitely played coy.  Something tells us it’s nothing serious and nothing official, but he damn sure might want it to be.

Kofi also talked about blowing all of the money he made from the first season of “Queen Sugar,” how his family felt about him being a sex symbol in Girls Trip and more.

Peep the interview below:

"Queen Sugar" returns for a two-night premiere October 3rd and October 4th at 10/9c on OWN.

During another daytime TV appearance…

 photo sterling.png

He was up for the challenge!

Sterling K. Brown stripped down to his bare chest for his first appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” as an initiation of sorts. The two-time EMMY winner appeared alongside his “This Is Us” co-stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia where he was dared to ride a lawnmower shirtless since Mandy rode a lawnmower and Milo went shirtless for their debut appearances.

 photo sterling1.png

No sweat off Sterling’s back, his body is RIGHT.

Peep the actor being a good sport below:

And since the EMMYs cut his epic speech short after he won for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series, Ellen let him get a do-over. Check it below:

By the way, Season 2 of “This Is Us” debuted with a premiere ratings high, raking in 12.94 million viewers, up 36% from its Season 1 premiere. Nice!

Photos: Getty/Instagram

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Blac Chyna To Rob – PAY Up For Social Media Slander Or ELSE + Usher’s Accuser RESPONDS To Him Calling Her Out

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 photo chynapart2.jpg

The 2017 drama is still at an all-time high. Blac Chyna is ready to go for round 2 in her war against her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian. Meanwhile, Usher’s accuser Laura Helm is popping back at him. Get it all inside…

Blac Chyna and her lawyer Lisa Bloom are ready to go to war! Again.

After locking in $20K a month in child support, Chy is looking to settle the score with her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian for his revenge porn antics. And she’s singing to the tune of a seven-figure payout. She’s reportedly gunning for a cool $10 million.


Well, she claims she lost several weight-loss endorsements after Rob spilled the beans that he paid $100K in post-pregnancy surgery. We all know Chy loves to push those weight loss teas and waist trainers on her Instagram account.

Yesterday, Chy and Rob (along with their legal teams) went to mediation, but it doesn’t appear to have been a successful one. Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom hopped on Twitter, posting a picture of herself with Chyna and she captioned, “Do NOT disrespect my client. I got your back, @BlacChyna. Stay tuned for chapter 2, y’all.”

Sounds like fighting words.

An insider spilled some tea about what went down during the mediation session and revealed it was the first time Chyna and Rob had seen each other since before he leaked her nudes online (in July).

“Rob and Chyna didn’t speak to each other at all,” the insider told RadarOnline.

But get this…

The reason they allegedly couldn’t come to an agreement is because Rob’s momager Kris Jenner had to sign off on the deal. Why? Well, she’s in charge of ALL of her 30-year-old son’s finances.

The site reports:

“A settlement was discussed but Rob had to call his mom Kris for approval for the deal, and she didn’t respond,” a source told us at the time.

The same day that news about Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy broke, the momager was unavailable to make her son’s financial decisions. “Kris had to approve when Chyna was given $20,000 a month by Rob for Dream,” the source told Radar. “She controls everything for him. Chyna isn’t afraid to file a lawsuit against Rob. She wants him to pay for what he did to her.”

We’re NOT surprised by this.

In other news…

 photo usheraccuser1.jpg

Laura Helm, the woman suing Usher for $20 million after he allegedly gave her herpes, is speaking out after the R&B crooner responded to her lawsuit.

Usher’s team filed a response claiming the "Let It Burn" singer didn’t intentionally give her herpes (claiming he may not had known he was infected at the time) and he also said if he did have sex with them, they "assumed the risk.”

Laura filed new documents to respond to Usher’s claims saying it’s absurd that he would even say something along those lines that she should have assumed he had an STD.

TMZ reports:

Helm says that means she would have to have knowledge of the specific danger — and there was no way for her to have that info because Usher kept his trap shut about it. Bottom line: consent to sex does not equal consent to risk of catching STDs.

She’s essentially put the ball back in his court.

Usher is dead wrong for saying she should have assumed he would have an STD.

However, as a sexually active woman, you definitely should take precautions to try and prevent things like this from happening. We’re NOT victim blaming the least bit. We’re just saying as a grown woman, there are steps you should take to protect yourself when engaging in sexual activities. It’s dangerous out here.

Also, an Instagram account using Usher’s mother’s name, Jonetta Patton, has responded to the herpes scandal. It’s unclear if this is her official account, so take this with a grain of salt. However, we do know there was tension between Usher and his mother when he dropped her as his manager. However, he did end up re-hiring her.

Here’s the post:



Do we think this is real or nah?

Photos: Lisa Bloom’s Twitter/Getty/Laura’s Website

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#BEARDGAMEMATTERS: The Only Facebook Group You Need In Your Life Just Became A Paid Dating Site

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 photo beard1.jpg

The Beard Game Matters Facebook group went viral and now it’s literally become a dating site.  Find out how you can snag up your own bearded man inside…

If you’ve been active on social media lately, you’ve probably heard of the Beard Game Matters Facebook page. As of the time of this post, it has over 1.4 million members filled with men flossing their heavily bearded faces.  Oh, and it just started a couple weeks ago.

If you’re a woman who likes a man with beard, the group is for you. And praise be to GAWDT for its existence.

What started as a group meant to promote beard products turned into a feeding ground for women to lust after attractive men all day. The comments are filled with women fawning over the eye candy, dropping their own selfies along with their stats in hopes of nabbing one.  #Thirst

 photo beard2.jpg

Well, the creator of the group, Mike McMillan (above), decided to capitalize on the movement and now a dating site is in the works. Yep, for just .99 you will be able to join the site and actually get in contact with the sexy men that have been posted on the Facebook page. Not even mad at this man’s hustle.

Not only that, the site will organize game events, meet and greets and more.

Earlier this week, Mike made the announcement on the closed group’s page:

 photo beard4.png

 photo beard3.png

The site is still in the works. Just think, if every member signs up for the site, Mike will be raking in at least $1.4 million. Sheesh! Talk about a come up.

That’s not the only group poppin’ on Facebook. There’s a Grey Sweatpants Matter group that’s gaining followers by the second and it’s a bit more XXX-rated with d*ck prints and more. Oh, and that Beard & Grey Sweatpants group also has us fanning ourselves.

Enter cautiously ladies.

Photos: Beard Game Matter Group

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Cardi B BURNS Azealia Banks After Her Hateful Rant With Receipts, Takes Over ‘Fallon’

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 photo cardiazbanksteaser.jpg

Azealia Banks had to throw some shade on Cardi B - shown above performing at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale this week – topping the music charts and Cardi burned her with the perfect clap back. Peep her clap back, plus rappers saluting the NYC rapper inside…

 photo car4.jpg

When you’re poppin’, there’s always a hater or two.

When Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts and went platinum there was an outpouring of love from a few female rappers, but not all.

 photo azbanks.png

Azealia Banks had plenty to say about Cardi’s history making feat. And as we all know, she doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to speaking her mind. The Harlem native took to Twitter to call Cardi the “poor man’s Nicki Minaj” and fired shots at “black men” for showing her so much support, specifically Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” radio personality Charlamagne Tha God.

"Charlemagne and black men in hiphop should have gotten me, remy AND nicki a number one before they gave cardi or iggy one,” she tweeted. “I wanted spicy Latina and she gave me poor mans nicki”

Peep the deleted tweets (read from the bottom up) below:

 photo azhate2.png

She also posted:

 photo azhate1.png

Well, Cardi didn’t have to say much. A video she came across pretty much summed up her thoughts perfectly:


One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1! Cuz even the HATERS love it!

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Sep 26, 2017 at 7:26pm PDT



 photo car1.jpg


 photo car2.jpg

 photo car3.jpg

After becoming the 2nd female rapper to ever top the Billboard Hot 100 without a feature, several celebrities gave her props. If you didn’t know, Cardi bumped pop singer Taylor Swift from the No. 1 spot. To celebrate, Taylor sent her flowers: 


Sooo beautiful and lovely .Thank you @taylorswift for the flowers …and I freaking love your music

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Sep 26, 2017 at 3:26pm PDT


Surprisingly, Nicki Minaj showed Cardi love:


Congratulations to a fellow NEW YAWKA on a RECORD BREAKING achievement. Bardi, this is the only thing that matters!!! Enjoy it@iamcardib

— NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) September 25, 2017


Fellow female rappers Missy Elliott and Lil Kim gave her props:


Congratulations @iamcardib for having a #1 record in the country that’s not as easy as it seem this huge May u have continued blessings

— Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott) September 25, 2017




Cardi’s boyfriend Offset gave her a shoutout…in his own way:


A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Sep 26, 2017 at 10:02am PDT


Several rappers and singers also showed love:


Congrats @iamcardib on making history!!! #Salute #Respect Keep Goin!!! pic.twitter.com/kq3tBJa0p2

— T.I. (@Tip) September 25, 2017


vibemagazine’s video https://t.co/GbstsYVsqh @iamcardib congrats good to see hard work pay off for a humble chic enjoy It

— Ghostface Killah (@GhostfaceKillah) September 25, 2017


Congrats to @Cardib on her #1 Genuine hardworking people deserve it!

— K. Michelle (@kmichelle) September 25, 2017


The Bronx looking good !!! Congrats
@iamcardib #southbronx pic.twitter.com/8mz5Xu9Iz3

— French Montana (@FrencHMonTanA) September 25, 2017



Kongrats to Cardi B going #1, Blood gang

— YG (@YG) September 25, 2017


Congrats Cardi!

Last night…

The former "Love & Hip Hop" star hit the stage with G-Eazy to perform their collaboration, "No Limit," on "The Tonight Show." Check it above.

Here’s how the "Bodak Yellow" rapper rolled up to the studio before hitting the stage:

 photo cardiarrive.jpg



Photos: Instar/Backgrid/Pacific Coast News

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry KINDA Make Their First Public Appearance Together At Invictus Games

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 photo mmteaser.jpg

Megahn Markle and Prince Harry make their first public appearance as a couple…kinda. Find out what we mean inside…

 photo mm2.jpg

“Suits” star Meghan and her beau Prince Harry made their first public appearance as a couple…well, kinda. The lovebirds were spotted in the stands during the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games held at Air Canada in Toronto yesterday.

But, when you’re dating a British royal, you follow a different set of rules.

 photo mm4.jpg

The 36-year-old actress smiled and clapped during the ceremony sitting rows away from her 33-year-old royal BAE. Meghan, who films “Suits” in the Canadian city, sat alongside her good friend Markus Anderson (who reportedly introduced them over a year ago) while Prince Harry sat next to 45’s wife Melania Trump.

 photo mm1.jpg

Decked out in a wine colored midi dress topped with a Mackage moto jacket, Meghan smiled and clapped as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (her acquaintance and a friend of Harry) made the welcome address. Prince Harry also made a speech during the ceremony.

 photo mm3.jpg

Last week, Prince Harry surprised his girlfriend popping up on the “Suits” set ahead of the Invictus Games.

"He was super low key, met some crew and was so happy to watch his lady," a source told HELLO!. "He’s incredibly supportive of her work. Meghan showed him around set. Everyone was so excited."


 photo mm5.jpg

The potential royal princess was featured in Vanity Fair recently where she gushed about her royal beau, saying “I can tell you that at the end of the day, I think it’s really simple. We’re two people who are really happy and in love.”

Peep a clip of Meghan in the stands at the Invictus Games below:

Photos: WENN/Backgrid

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Rumored Dad-To-Be Travis Scott Hits The Stage After Pregnancy Reports, Kylie Shows Support + Amber & Chyna Get Kissy In ATL

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 photo traviskekeamberblacteaser.jpg

Travis Scott and his (pregnant?) girlfriend Kylie Jenner make their first public appearance amid pregnancy rumors. Meanwhile, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna get kissy in an Atlanta club. Flicks inside….

 photo ttd2.jpg

Travis Scott and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner reunited in public for the first time since pregnancy rumors hit the Internet.

The G.O.O.D. Music artist was tapped to perform at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last night. And his 20-year-old girlfriend came out to show her support, spotted making her way inside backstage.

You’ll notice, she’s not rocking her usual skin tight attire to show off her figure that she loves to show off on social media. The “Life With Kylie” star hid her body in an oversized t-shirt and cargo pants:


It was reported Travis and Kylie have been telling their friends they’re pregnant with their first child and they’re supposedly having a girl. A friend of Travis was in the audience during the show and sent him a congratulatory message via SnapChat:

 photo tycongrats.jpg

It’s still a mystery if they’re actually pregnant as neither of them (nor momager Kris Jenner) have addressed the rumors.

During the show, Kylie was spotted backstage with her sister Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend French Montana:

Back on stage….

 photo ttd6.jpg

The “Antidote” rapper was brought out on stage during DJ Khaled’s set to close out Day 2 of the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Travis rocked out to his tracks “Butterfly Effect” and “Goosebumps.” The Miami producer also brought out Chance The Rapper, French Montana, Migos rapper Quavo, and singer Demi Lovato:

 photo ttd7.jpg

 photo ttd4.jpg

 photo ttd3.jpg

 photo ttd8.jpg

 photo ttd1.jpg


On the carpet….

 photo kekeT3.jpg


Keke Palmer shut down the red carpet in a red HOT bodycon mini that she paired with red sandals.

 photo kekeT4.jpg

 photo kekeT1.jpg

 photo kekeT2.jpg

Sheesh! #BodyGoals.

 photo ttd9.jpg

Before he hit the stage, Travis Scott posed it up on the carpet.

 photo ttd11.jpg

Chi-town rapper Big Sean hit the carpet solo…sans his girlfriend Jhene Aiko.

 photo ttd10.jpg

Power 105′s radio personalities Angela Yee and DJ Envy were also in the mix.

At at party Down South…

 photo ambl1.jpg

Bestie time!

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna left their boyfriends behind for a girls’ night out. The hot moms got kissy before hosting a party at Gold Room in Atlanta. Making money with your bestie is always a plus.

 photo ambl2.jpg

 photo ambl5.jpg

Amber and Chyna had loads of fun in their VIP section, sharing laughs and sipping drinks.

 photo ambl3.jpg

 photo ambl4.jpg

 photo ambl6.jpg

The "How To Be A Bad B*tch" author served up school girl realness in a black and white ensemble.

 photo ambl7.jpg

Meanwhile, the Lash boutique owner kept it cool in a LDB, thigh high boots and fatigue. Fun times.

Photos: Getty/ATLpics.net

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Rihanna Continues Fenty Beauty Takeover With LITTY Madrid Launch

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 photo rihm12.png

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty worldwide takeover continues into Madrid, Spain. Get into the fun beauty launch inside…

Rihanna is still taking over the world with her brand new Fenty Beauty make up line. We’ve heard nothing but good things about the line. Its even been dubbed “magic,” so we understand the excitement by fans when she rolled up on the scene.

Yesterday, the Bajan beauty pulled up at the Fenty Beauty photocall held at Callao Cinema in Madrid, Spain to an ocean of screaming fans:

The "Work" singer kept it cute while posing it up with her favorite matchstix and a purple unicorn:

 photo rihm9.png

 photo rihm11.png

Of course.

On the carpet…

 photo rihm6.jpg

The singer-turned-makeup guru kept it princess like as she strutted her stuff in a Marianna Senchina ensemble from the Spring 2018 collection accessorized with Chopard jewelry.

 photo rihm7.jpg

 photo rihm2.jpg

 photo rihm4.jpg

 photo rihm3.jpg

Are we feeling Rih’s throwback steez?

 photo rihm8.jpg

 photo rihm1.jpg

 photo rihm5.jpg

Inside, Rih had some fun jumping around, snapping flicks and swinging on the Fenty Beauty Glass Bomb lip gloss swing. Check it below: 



A post shared by Rihanna Daily (@rihannadaily) on Sep 23, 2017 at 3:22pm PDT









A post shared by Simone ☁️ (@smnwht) on Sep 24, 2017 at 7:14am PDT




@fentybeauty #GALAXY holiday collection!!

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Sep 24, 2017 at 7:57am PDT


Get excited! Rih also has her holiday collection set to be released October 13th. 


Photos: Getty/Fenty Beauty’s IG

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19-Year-Old Sofia Richie & 34-Year-Old Scott Disick Had A Whole ‘Congratulations’ Dinner To Celebrate Relationship + LOYALTY Tats & Make Out Sessions Galore

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 photo sscteaser.jpg

It’s official. Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are an item and they’re not hiding it. They have been tonguing each other down all over Miami and we’ve got flicks and videos. Get it all inside…

 photo ssc1.jpg

Doesn’t get anymore official than this.

Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia Richie is currently dating Kourtney Kardashian’s ex/kids’ father Scott Disick and they want everyone to know it.  Sofia’s big sister Nicole Richie is former besties with Kourtney’s sister Kim K.  They like to keep it all in the family.


 photo ssc2.jpg

The 19-year-old celebuspawn and 34-year-old reality star/father-of-three have been packing on the PDA real heavy all over Miami. Yep, about the same age difference as Kourtney and her new bae….

Yesterday, the lovebirds were aboard a boat with friends, tonguing each other down every chance they got. They couldn’t keep their hands off of one another:

 photo ssc10.jpg

 photo ssc8.jpg

 photo ssc6.jpg

Earlier in the day, they were spotted making out on a balcony. See those pics here.

 photo ssc5.jpg

And get this…

Sofia and her longtime friend/fashion stylist Chloe Bartoli are supposedly no longer speaking because Chloe used to date Scott. Damn. That whole girl code thing.


 photo ssc7.jpg

 photo ssc4.jpg

 photo ssc3.jpg

During their boat activities, they even made their love connection Instagram official. We all know it’s not real until:

 photo sophiascott4.jpg

 photo sophiascott6.jpg


After coasting the waters…

 photo ssc9.jpg

The new couple was all wrapped up in love during dinner with their friends. Our paparazzi sources tell us they were surprised with cake and ice cream with the words "Congratulations Scott and Sophia!" (they spelled her name wrong) written in chocolate.

 photo sophiascott3.png

As the dessert was being brought out, Sofia blushed as their friends cheered for them and then the new couple went in for a kiss:


A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Sep 23, 2017 at 9:17pm PDT


We’re still not sure what the "congratulations" is actually for. An engagement? Pregnancy? Or just making their love official? We’re not exactly sure, but if it’s something major, we’re sure we’ll hear about it sooner rather than later.

Oh, and their love extends further than make out sessions and dessert…

 photo sophiascott5.jpg

The twosome even copped matching "Loyalty" tattoos.

 photo ssc11.jpg

They also enjoy smoking cigarettes together.

Last week…

 photo sophiascott1.jpg

 photo sophiascott2.jpg

The new couple coordinated their outfits while out and about in L.A. together.

We’d like to note a new season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" premieres tonight. Looks like Scott is gunning for his own spinoff. What do you all think Daddy Lionel thinks about this?

Photos: Backgrid/Splash/Pacific Coast News/Sofia’s IG/Scott’s IG

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