Everybody Was Courtside At The 2018 All-Star Game – Check Out The Celeb-Filled Pics!

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 photo allteaser2018.jpg

EVERYBODY was sitting courtside to see the 2018 All-Star Game go down in LA. Peep pics of Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Anderson and tons more inside…

The Staples Center was dripping with celebrities as they all stepped out to sit courtside inside the Staples Center to watch Team Lebron and Team Steph battle it out on the court for the 2018 All-Star Game.

Seriously. There were tons of celebs there to peep the basketball action, including a few Wakanda men.

 photo all23.jpg

Black Panther hotties Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan enjoyed some downtime at the game last night, snapping it up with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and “black-ish” actor Anthony Anderson respectively.

 photo all26.jpg

 photo all28.jpg

These two!

Comedian Tracy Morgan and "Wild ‘N Out" host Nick Cannon were decked out in their jerseys for the game.

By the way, Tracy will be returning to television in his new comedy series "The Last O.G.," also starring Tiffany Haddish. It premieres April 3rd at 10:30pm EST on TBS.

 photo all18.jpg

Chance The Rapper and Dave Chappelle stopped for a photo-op. Chance’s Chi-town homie Common was also in the mix.

 photo all2.png

Host Kevin Hart posted a hilarious caption to this picture of himself with his son Hendrix Hart, Ludacris and LeBron James. He wrote, "This picture looks like the bar on your cell phone that shows you how much reception you have" Ha!

And this happened:

 photo all39.png

Comedy LEGENDS Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle created a moment on the sidelines.


 photo Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.40.28 PM_zps61xw8fed.png

Kev had the whole family front row.


 photo Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 11.02.16 PM_zpsd0xk2ale.png

And so did Beyoncé.  Catch Blue Ivy cutting up with the Rockets mascot HERE.

 photo Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.43.54 PM_zpsf06wkbhf.png 

Luda and wife Eudoxie posed it up and kept it cute.

 photo Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.41.16 PM_zpslpba5hxl.png

Then Diddy stanned out over our fave, Issa Rae.  Did you see her L.A. commercial with Tiffany Haddish and Rashida Jones during the game?!

 photo Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.40.57 PM_zpsrj6glcta.png

Rap queens Latifah and Remy Ma kicked it at the game too after La helped Kevin Hart do the pre-game opener.


Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D. took center court for the halftime performance, bringing out Migos. Peep the performance below:

We’ve rounded up TONS of flicks of celebrities sitting courtside while soaking in the NBA festivities. Click through to see your faves below! 

Photos: Getty/Instar

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NBA ALL-STAR GAME: 8 Moments You Have To See! Beyonce Lets Rockets Mascot Dance With Blue Ivy, LeBron James Wins MVP, Cassie Shows TONS Of Leg

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 photo beybronteaser.jpg

We’ve rounded up the top 8 moments you need to see from the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. Go inside to see the cuteness that is Blue Ivy, Beyonce, LeBron James, Cardi B and more….

 photo beyall1.jpg

1. Yes, it’s all about the game at an NBA event, but when celeb kiddies make an appearance its hard not to keep your eyes off of them.

Blue Ivy was busy stealing the show courtside at the Staples Center during the 2018 NBA All-Star Game last night. The 6-year-old, seated between her mother Beyonce, grandmother Tina Lawson and Tina’s husband Richard Lawson, was having tons of fun tossing the ball back and forth with “Uncle” Diddy.

 photo beyall2.jpg

Then, the Houston Rockets mascot walked over and picked big sister Blue up to do the “twist” while Uncle Diddy snapped flicks. We were on the edge of our chairs hoping bodyguard Julius didn’t pop out of nowhere and bodyslam him.

Check it:


A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Feb 19, 2018 at 7:38am PST


And, of course, there’s always time for selfies with mom:


A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Feb 18, 2018 at 8:12pm PST


Gotta love it. 


2. Before the game kicked off, team captains LeBron James and Steph Curry addressed the crowd, announcing that they were playing to donate money to charity. The winning team’s charity will receive $350,000 and the losing team’s charity will still get a prize, totaling $150,000. 3. King James chose the After-School All-Stars Los Angeles, and Steph picked the Brotherhood Crusade.

This was the first year where two captains were chosen and they built their own squad verses how it was done in previous years where the Eastern Conference went up against the Western Conference.

Peep the clip above.

 photo lebrondunk.jpg

3. King James proves WHY he’s the KING. In his 14th year in the NBA, he’s still out here dunking like youngin’. Check out his reverse alley oop from his teammate Russell Westbrook below: 

 photo lebronmvp.jpg

4. Yep, this is why he’s KING.

Team LeBron defeated Team Steph, 148-145. It was a CLOSE game in the fourth quarter. However, Bron and his handpicked teammates took home the victory. And LeBron was awarded his THIRD All-Star Game MVP. He finished with 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists. Peep his full acceptance speech below:



Issa WIN for #TeamLebron. Congrats #King! #ZhuriJames #BronnyJames #BryceJames #nbaallstar

A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Feb 18, 2018 at 9:45pm PST

Family affair! LeBron had his children Zhuri, Bronny and Bryce there to witness his greatness. 

Then, this happened…

 photo didcas2.jpg

 photo didcas1.jpg

5. Cassie almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction as her dress slit showed off some major leg action. Her boyfriend Diddy kept it just as stylish in a custom jacket from 5001 Flavors Clothing Co.

Before the show kicked off…

6. Comedian/actor Kevin Hart was tapped to host the event and he meant he was going to have his shine. First, he served up an interesting show before the game, starring Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Ludacris, Adam Devine and Rob Riggle. Check it above.


7. Then, he spent 12 minutes (which felt like an eternity) introducing each player. And he made sure to have everyone laughing as he ROASTED every last one of them. Get your laugh on above. 


A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Feb 18, 2018 at 7:25pm PST


8. And look who else was in the mix.

Cardi B was on her "Bartier Cardi" steez courtside during the game. Ha!


Photos: Instar/Getty

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Blac Chyna’s Struggle Sex Tape Just Leaked, And Now She’s Calling In The Cops [VIDEO]

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It was only a matter of time before Blac Chyna had a whole sex tape hit the internet streets.  Quite frankly, we’re shocked she didn’t already have one.  If you’ve been twiddling you thumbs waiting on an X-rated Chyna video, you can thank the sex tape gods.  Or don’t.  You may be more disappointed than Chyna herself is concerning this current debacle.


Deets inside. [possibly NSFW]

We were just minding our own business basking in our Black Panther opening weekend emotional high when some foolywang material rudely interrupted out Twitter TL.

Stripper turned Video Vixen turned social media star turned Reality Star went and checked off the last box in the Instagram build-a-body handbook.  She’s got a sex tape.

The snippet that is roaming the internet streets thanks to an anonymous uploader shows the mom of two performing – what Twitter shadeologsts are calling lackluster – oral sex on a man.

For a woman who clearly lives by the life mantra that Sex Sells, and we’re not even all that mad at that, you wouldn’t know it by looking at this little snippet.

While we can hear the man giving her directions and pointers as the two do what they do, you can’t see his face.  You can clearly see it’s Chyna, though.

We’re more interested in knowing who the man is, and if he’s one of the two thirstbuckets she dated after breaking up with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian.

We’re not posting it directly here, but you can view it HERE.

Chyna’s pissed, allegedly, and has called in the authorities.  It wouldn’t be the first time she and her legal team have had to strike back at leakers.  Remember when Rob posted all the naked pics she sent to him?  Yeah, well this takes it one step further.

Chyna apparently claims she has nothing to do with it, and her lawyer Walter Mosely says "it’s a criminal matter."

We highly doubt this will hurt her reputation or her Instagram following of 14 million. 

Still, here’s what messy folks have to say about it all:


as a certified head doctor, i can assure that we will be revoking blac chyna’s license to practice in every state in the united states. this is a disgrace and i do not take it lightly pic.twitter.com/kggb6M8TtN

— quinn. (@sirsIaysalot) February 19, 2018

8 secs into the Blac Chyna video: pic.twitter.com/auGp8eoUbE

— Lil Intro Vert (@goonwithglasses) February 19, 2018

how do we go from Black Panther to Blac Chyna ? pic.twitter.com/YBSMJeeKQ0

— visit appropriateculture.tv (@JulianStephen) February 19, 2018

Blac Chyna’s sextape summed up pic.twitter.com/R8z4vOfrO3

— (@Phonez2x) February 19, 2018

Hey I wonder why Blac Chyna is trending…. pic.twitter.com/zDnpAV4uod

— Joey Bell (@JoeyBellTelecom) February 19, 2018

That blac chyna video pic.twitter.com/XqftvAhDmG

— Queen (@Tierra_x3) February 19, 2018

Tyga clearly didn’t write "Make It Nasty" for Blac Chyna

— KJ (@KdotJohnson_) February 19, 2018

Blac Chyna is one of those “Here nigga, damn” head givers.

— S ooth The (@2CoolSoSmooth) February 19, 2018

Blac Chyna got at least 300 bodies. How the hell she still giving head like an amateur. I’m truly disgusted

— Quentin Tyrintino (@ElGorgeousGoon) February 19, 2018

I’d be looking at blac chyna in that video like pic.twitter.com/zX9nXbnkKp

— Chav-is (@AdolffHitta) February 19, 2018

this video of blac chyna on my timeline pic.twitter.com/Ca4xQFSuft

— who is she gonna choke?! (@cyberspacedork) February 19, 2018

that video of blac chyna has severely blemished my otherwise perfect black history month. I thought I was about see some inter-dimensional transformational thunder throat and shawty was nibblin on it like a republican squirrel. not a gag, guk, nor gargle to be found.

— Zachary Fox (@zackfox) February 19, 2018

Happy Black (Blac) History Month, y’all!


Photo: Chyna’s IG

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[UPDATE] FOUL ON THE PLAY! Fergie Mutilates National Anthem At NBA All-Star Game + Draymond Green Explains His Meme Worthy Reaction

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 photo fergie1.jpg

So, about Fergie‘s National Anthem performance during the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. It was train wreck. Check out her performance inside, plus the hilarious celeb reactions…

UPDATE: Fergie’s apologizing y’all. She was just trying to "do something special."  She said in a statement today:

"I’ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best."


Let’s just call a spade a spade.

Fergie didn’t do the National Anthem any justice to kick off the 2018 NBA All-Star game held at the Staples Center last night. In fact, she butchered it.  That is, if you were expecting even a semi-traditional performance.

The former Black Eyed Peas singer tuned "The Four" singing competition judge tried to put her own spin on the song, but she failed. Miserably.  Well, this according to the internets.  And she got slow roasted for her slow, seductive verion of our Anthem.

It was different, sure.  It was NO Whitney Houston rendition, though, by far.

We’re not the only ones who realized how cringey it was. At one point during her performance, the whole Staples Center seemingly burst into laughter. It’s so baffling because Fergie has a set of pipes on her.

We just want to know if Diddy, who was there front and center, would let his fellow judge make it to the next round on "The 4" with this performance.

Check it (if you can stand it) below:

What’s really good Fergie?

During her performance, the cameras were spanning the court and caught Golden States Warriors baller Draymond Green looking baffled, and then laughing at what he was hearing:


After the game, he tried to explain his reaction. Keyword: Tried.

Draymond wasn’t the only one with a funny reaction:



Barkley on Fergie’s anthem: "I needed a cigarette after that…"

A post shared by DIME on UPROXX (@dimemagazine) on Feb 18, 2018 at 7:51pm PST



Former NBA star Charles Barkley was NOT feeling Fergie’s performance and he tried to react to it, but Shaq wouldn’t let him bash her on national television. Peep the clip above.

Meanwhile back in the states… I leave for a couple of days and y’all lose your muthafucking mind!! Why did this happen? Not everyone supposed to do this y’all! You might as well should have ask me to sing. Wtf?!https://t.co/M7eIzgGBrk

— Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) February 19, 2018


"SNL" comedienne Leslie Jones is all the way in South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but she’s still in the loop with what’s going on over here in the States.


And then the Internet takes the cake with the slander:



A post shared by PUMA (@puma213) on Feb 18, 2018 at 9:23pm PST



It wasn’t all bad news.  Eniko Hart, who was sitting courtside with hubby Kevin Hart, and Mariah Carey, who’s caught her fair share of shade after a live tv performance, were here for it.  Eniko tweeted in supported and MiMi said to ignore the haters.

After her performance, "The Four" host made it to her front row seat, snapping it up with DJ Khaled, Migos, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Snoop’s wife Shante Broadus and her dad:

 photo fergie3.jpg

 photo fergie4.jpg

Oh Fergs.  Chick’s post-divorce revenge body is on point though.

Photos: Getty

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Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry & Lakeith Stanfield Serve Up Some Stylish & Interesting Looks At ‘Atlanta’ LA Premiere

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 photo atlpremiereteaser.jpg

The “Atlanta” gang got together for the Season 2 premiere of their hit FX series in LA. Peep their stylish (and interesting) looks inside…

 photo atl1.jpg

Season 2 of the hit FX series “Atlanta” is FINALLY about to come back to our televisions and we are more than happy about it. No more waiting. It’ll be back in just a few weeks set to air March 1st. Mark your calendars. 

Before the new season debuts, the “Atlanta” star aligned at The Theatre inside the Ace Hotel in LA for the west coast premiere. The new season has been dubbed, "Atlanta Robbin’ Season" and it sounds like an indication of what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes.

 photo atl2.jpg

The show’s star and creator Donald Glover made sure he was on the scene serving up 70s vibes. As you may know, production of Atlanta had to be put on hold while he worked on other projects, including Spider-Man: Homecoming and Solo: A Star Wars Story. He’s currently doing voice over work to play Simba in the upcoming Lion King film too.

Oh, and he no longer goes by his rap moniker Childish Gambino.

 photo atl3.jpg

 photo atl8.jpg

Donald’s co-stars Brian Tyree Henry and Lakeith Stanfield certainly stepped out the box with their ensembles. And we’re not exactly sure why Lakeith was trying to be icognito with the face mask.

 photo atl4.jpg

Star Zazie Beetz rocked a white gown on the blue carpet for the show’s premiere. If you didn’t know, she’s gearing up to kick a** in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. Woot! 

 photo atl5.jpg

Singer Usher stepped out, repping the "A."

 photo atl7.jpg

The outspoken Amanda Seales was all smiles on the carpet.

 photo atl9.jpg

And famed director John Singleton came out to support.

After the premiere…

 photo atlafter1.jpg

The "Atlanta" gang linked up for the premiere’s afterparty, snapping it up with "Atlanta" producer Stefani Robinson (above) and "The Chi" creator Lena Waithe: 

 photo atlafter2.jpg

 photo atlafter3.jpg

 photo atlafter4.jpg

Fun times.

Peep the trailer below: 

"Atlanta" returns on March 1st at 10pm EST on FX. You ready?


Photos: Getty

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REMEMBER HER?! Ananda Lewis Is STILL A Fab Chick, Hits The All-Star Scene With Vivica A. Fox, Tatyana Ali & More

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 photo MrsVFox8.jpg

Here’s a blast from the past. Former MTV veejay Ananada Lewis popped up during the All-Star weekend festivities. Find out what she was up to with Vivica A. Fox, Tatyana Ali and more inside…

If you grew up in the 90s, you remember this chick.

Ananda Lewis was the host of the socially conscious 90s series “Teen Summit,” where she brought several serious issues affecting teenagers to the forefront. Ugh, we need another show like this…RIGHT NOW.

 photo Ananda1.jpg

The former MTV veejay popped up at an exclusive Health & Beauty House in Beverly Hills during the 2018 All Star Weekend, hosted by Image Elevators (formerly Coleman Entertainment Group). And chick is STILL looking good.

The fab mom just recently returned to television, hosting a show called "Change My Space" on HGTV.

 photo Ananda2.jpg

Ananda and the other guests indulged in complimentary manicures, massages, facials, dental services, and celeb-instructed workout classes at the pool, PLUS a house party!

Nothing like getting pampered and having some fun during some down time from the hustle and bustle of the week.

Making her rounds…

 photo ImageElevators1.jpg

The FAB chick linked up with actress Vivica A. Fox, who was decked out in denim on denim.

 photo BAFTA34.jpg

 photo msvfox1.jpg

During the festivities, Aunt Viv snapped it up with Chocolate City star and her longtime friend/publicist BJ Coleman.

 photo Ananda3.jpg


 photo HERB29.jpg

 photo MrsFox17.jpg

Issa 90s reunion! "Cousin Skeeter" actor Rondell Sheridan caught up with his TV son Robert Ri’chard during the shindig.

 photo MrsFox15.jpg

 photo msfox2.jpg

"Fresh Prince" alum Tatyana Ali had fun on the carpet striking a pose.

 photo MrsFox10.jpg

Comedian/former MTV personality Bill Bellamy also showed up…rocking an interesting look. He has his wife Kristen Baker Bellamy on his arm for the beauty and wellness escape.

 photo Herba4.jpg

We haven’t see "Saints and Sinners" star Keith Robinson much, but he popped up on the scene.

 photo BAFTA25.jpg

"Soul Food" alum Malinda Williams came ready to workout as she snapped it up alongside Herbalife Coach Azja Pryor.

Like we said, she came to workout and here are a few flicks from the session:

 photo Herba2.jpg

 photo MrsFox14.jpg

 photo Herba1.jpg

 photo MrsFox21.jpg

Fit times!

Photos: Instar/Image Elevators

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Toni Braxton & Birdman Confirm Engagement! + Birdman GUSHES Over Toni, Hopeful About Lil Wayne Reunion & Reveals What Nicki Minaj Is Up To

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 photo tonibird1.jpg

It’s official! Toni Braxton and Birdman are engaged. And Toni confirmed it herself. See the announcement, plus see Birdman gush over open up about reuniting with Lil Wayne and explains where Nicki Minaj is inside…

So, Tamar Braxton was kinda right.

Toni Braxton IS in fact engaged to Birdman. You’ll recall, Tamar revealed they were already married, but that’s not true. However, Toni and Birdman ARE headed down the aisle.

In a new teaser for “Braxton Family Values,” the 50-year-old singer announced she and the 49-year-old Hip Hop mogul want to take their relationship to the next level

"I have an announcement to make," the Grammy Award winner said to her sisters. "I’m engaged!"

 photo tonibird2.jpg

Then, she showed off that HUGE diamond ring that we saw her <a href="http:// http://theybf.com/2018/01/24/toni-braxton-birdman-might-legit-be-married… “>rocking on THAT finger last month at her LIFETIME movie, Faith Under Fire: The Antoinette Tuff Story, premiere.

Peep the announcement below: 

The love birds started dating in May 2016 and made their first public appearance together during the 2016 BET Awards a month later.


We’ll have to tune in to "Braxton Family Values" when it returns in March to see if they’ll show how Birdman asked for Toni’s hand in marriage. Hmph.


 photo birdmanwendy.png

The Cash Money honcho stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show” to promote his three-part movie about the rise of Cash Money titled, Before Anythang (no typo): The Story Behind The Cash Money Records Empire.

Of course, he was asked about his love life and he didn’t hesitate to stan out for his woman.

“That’s my girl, my friend, my family. That’s my love, my solider, my life. She’s my life. I love her to death.”

Wendy told Birdman, who preferred for the daytime TV host to call him Brian, when she first heard about their relationship, she was against it, basically because they’re from two different worlds.

“I’m a gangsta. Certified too. But, what that got to do with love?”

He revealed they’ve known each other for like 17-18 years and then things just happened.

When asked about Toni wearing that huge diamond engagement ring, he responded, “For life.” Sounds like he knows exactly what he wants!

Everyone knows the drama between Lil Wayne and Birdman/Cash Money. Weezy is suing Birdman for $51 million in hopes of ending his contract with the label. While they still haven’t patched things up, Birdman is hopeful they’ll reconcile.

“I will fix that [referring to his relationship with Wayne]. In a minute, it’ll all self explain itself. I didn’t come here to explain that. I just came here to be apart of your show. It’s nothing I can explain. But, in due time what I can tell you is, at some point in life you’re going to see me and Wayne working together again.”

So where is Nicki Minaj? We haven’t seen her pop up at any events and her last Instagram post was December 30th.

“I can’t speak for Nicki. She has her own philosophy, but I do know she’s in the studio a lot and she’s working real hard.”

Well, there you have it. Sounds like Nicki is gearing up to reclaim her (or somebody’s) throne. Y’all ready.

Photos: Getty/Startraks/Wendy’s IG

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Daniel Kaluuya Is Definitely Bae With ‘Thank You’ To His Mother After BAFTA Win + Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright & More Twirl Their Melanin On The Carpet

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 photo baftateaser.jpg

Black Panther stars made their way to the EE British Academy Film Awards where Daniel Kaluuya copped an award. See the actor pour his heart out to his mother and peep the red carpet flicks inside…

 photo DanielKaluuyaEEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsLrn1CVXvWwyl.jpg

When a man loves his mom, it just warms the…heart!

British actor Daniel Kaluuya, who stars in Black Panther, had plenty to celebrate at the 2018 EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) held at Grosvenor House in London. The Get Out actor copped the Rising Star award for his incredible performance in critically acclaimed horror film. And he wouldn’t be where he is now if it wasn’t for his mother.

 photo DanielKaluuyaEEBritishAcademyFilmAwards_CSRkcV_Dubl.jpg

“Mum, you’re the reason why I started, why I’m here, you’re the reason I keep going. This is yours. Love peace lets get it,” he said.

 photo BAFTA11.jpg

He was up against Tessa Thompson, Florence Pugh, Josh O’Connor, and Timothée Chalamet. Actress Octavia Spencer, who’s in the running for another Academy Award for her role in The Shape of Water, and Margot Robbie presented Daniel with the award.

Peep his full speech below:


On the carpet…

 photo EEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsRedCarpet00BDynn_gZul.jpg

Structured goddess!

Black Panther star Lupita Nyong’o served up some fierce vibes in this Elie Saab couture gown. She’s a total red carpet slayer.


 photo BAFTA4.jpg

Twirl Pita!

 photo Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 5.33.48 PM_zps8xezfboe.png

 photo LupitaNyongoEEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsRU3Nrvy7KVZl_zpshl7n3dia.jpg

 photo LupitaNyongoEEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsjADYT_T9zjEl_zpsjnyac6zb.jpg


 photo EEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsRedCarpetYXG8FpjFyROl.jpg

Actress Letitia Wright, who killed it in Black Panther, stepped out on the red carpet in an embellished Gucci gown. She’s like our new best friend in our head.

In a recent interview, she revealed British actress Naomie Harris and Oscar winner Viola Davis are her idols. She said seeing Keke Palmer in Akeelah and the Bee is what inspired her to get into acting.

Speaking of Naomie….

 photo NaomieHarrisEEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsnKYbJrWCw_8l.jpg

British beauty Naomie Harris killed this look. We would so rock this ensemble to an event.

 photo NaomieHarrisEEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsrJJw6-rg_gpl.jpg

 photo NaomieHarrisEEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsXSheEGpX9aHl.jpg

The Collateral Beauty star snapped it up with Afua Hirsch, author an award-winning book which asks questions about race, identity and social justice in modern-day Britain.

 photo EEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsRedCarpetcaBvwNkk6aQl.jpg

Oscar nominee Octavia Spencer sparkled on the carpet in a custom Sachin & Babi gown. She’s in the running for the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in The Shape of Water.


 photo TessaThompsonEEBritishAcademyFilmAwards0qLwiff_8SAl.jpg

BAFTA nominee Tessa Thompson was joined on the carpet by Marai Larasi, executive director of Imkaan (UK), a leading black-feminist network organization with members in England, Wales and Scotland.

 photo GuguMbathaRawEEBritishAcademyFilmAwardseFHL1zlPmzUl.jpg

Presenters Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Matthew Heineman kept it cute on the carpet.

 photo EEBritishAcademyFilmAwardsRedCarpetdiFbs3E3HMUl.jpg

 photo ChiwetelEjioforEEBritishAcademyFilmAwards8nraHjCleGwl.jpg

12 Years a Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor and his girlfriend/model Frances Aaternir served up coupledom vibes on the carpet.


 photo BAFTA7.jpg

The Kenyan beauty was busy snapping flicks with everybody:

 photo BAFTA9.jpg

 photo BAFTA1.jpg

 photo BAFTA6.jpg

 photo BAFTA2.jpg

Fab times.

Photos: Getty/Startraks/Lupita’s IG/Vernon’s IG

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#BLACKPANTHERCHALLENGE: Tons Of Folks Are Buying Out Theaters To Make Sure Kids Experience ‘Black Panther’

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 photo DV72kkvVoAA_bBk_zpscjiuberv.jpg

Movie theaters all across the nation are about to be LIT this weekend with the opening of Black Panther. Get the deets on how celebs and community leaders are pitching in to make sure as many kids as possible get to experience the greatness.

If you’re headed to the movie theater this weekend, it’ll likely look like a black family reunion as several groups have united to provide FREE viewings of the year’s hottest movie, Black Panther. That’s in addition to the masses of individuals copping tickets at a record rate.  And we can thank social media for that.

 photo bpsellout.jpg

The #BlackPantherChallenge became quite popular on social media where people were challenged to provide free tickets to ensure young, black children get a chance to see the star ensemble of black actor and actresses on the big screen.

Churches, youth groups, student groups, sororities, fraternities and family groups are buying out the box office to celebrate the Marvel superhero movie. And it couldn’t have been released in a better month than this one: Black History Month. The superhero film is currently in the process of making history with the box office numbers. The film has already raked in $25.2 million from the preview night.

The Black Panther soundtrack’s Executive Producer and curator Kendrick Lamar and his TDE President Top Dawg are sending three housing projects in his hometown of Compton to see the flick for free.  They rented out 3 different theaters for 5 showings, according to Fader.


Children from the Watts housing projects will be eligible to attend the screening with almost 1000 seats being made available after Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith bought out 5 shows in 3 different theaters on Saturday, February 17.

Kids in the Nickerson Gardens, Jordan Downs, and Imperial Courts Projects able to gain entry to the screening by visiting their respective housing development offices.


Harlem native Frederick Joseph launched a GoFundMe to take all of the kids from the neighborhood Boys & Girls to see the film. He reached his goal and even surpassed it with the campaign spreading beyond NYC:


Thanks to you, the #BlackPantherChallenge became the largest GoFundMe in history for an entertainment event.

Then you raised $300k, enough to buy tickets for over 23k children.

NOW…you’ve raised over $400k around the world, enough to send over 30k children to see the film! pic.twitter.com/4JVzBHTwtg

— Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph) February 12, 2018

He tagged along with Capital Prep in Harlem when the kids got to go see the film during a Thursday morning advanced screening.

We’re rolling deep to see #BlackPanther this Thursday! Major thanks to @JimmyJazzStores for the ticket donation! #BlackPantherChallenge pic.twitter.com/eD4cJcYCSf

— Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph) February 13, 2018

Wakanda Forever. #BlackPanther #BlackPantherChallenge pic.twitter.com/Ieps0DsaE2

— Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph) February 15, 2018

Loves it!


Viola Davis, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Clinton and several other celebs donated to the cause.

Businessman Rodger Jackson and his partners, who produce the “No Chiraq” web series and own the streaming platform The-I, joined forces to rent out a theater in Chicago and give tickets to local non profits.

"Once I posted about it [to social media] my inbox started blowing up," Jackson said. "We just want to get as many kids as we could to see Black Panther."

Other groups are putting their money up too: Chicago youth group Top Teens will be providing free tickets, Capital City Black Film Fest will send 200 youth in Austin, TX to see the film, and Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago plan to attend the film in groups of 150-300. The church has already bought out seven screenings of the film.

"We’re trying to cash in on the intellectual, educational value of having a discussion about black images in media,” Pastor Otis Moss III said. “Films are public texts that allow us to speak about our values, speak about politics and speak about culture. And it is very important for the African-American community to expand their imagination and one of the areas where imagination has been limited is within the traditional mainstream Hollywood imagery of black people on screen."

In Sacramento, Cyrus Mulitalo, a Sacramento State football hall of famer, will be sending 200 kids to see the movie on Saturday. And as we previously reported, Oscar winning actress Octavia Spencer bought out two theaters in Mississippi so children will get a chance to see the film.

Y’all better make sure you’re part of the blackest, most inspiring reunion of everybody black this weekend! 

Photo: Marvel

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Jamie Foxx Isn’t Here For Questions About Girlfriend Katie Holmes, As If We Don’t Already Know What’s Up

Posted by | Posted in Gurl Talk | Posted on 18-02-2018

 photo JamieFoxx2018NBAStarGameCelebrityGameZWQNXHVkkWcl_zpszycaclew.jpg

Jamie Foxx was doing a pre-All Star Celebrity game interview this weekend when he made it clear – Don’t ask him about Katie Holmes! But bruh, we already know wassup. Catch his silent tantrum inside…

 photo JamieFoxx2018NBAStarGameCelebrityGameTa6V7G9zSP4l_zpszv63mjjj.jpg

Jamie Foxx must not realize we’ve seen all the pics and videos of him and his bae Katie Holmes.  Many of said pics were snapped thanks to him bringing her as his date to very public events like Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy dinner.

We guess, though, he wants to act like it’s still some secret.  Maybe he’s scared of the Scientology folks, who once controlled Katie’s life via her ex-husband (and Jamie’s good friend) Tom Cruise?  Maybe he’s making a failed attempt at being "private"?

Who knows.  What we do know is, he will walk off if you ask him about the former Dawson’s Creek star during a live interview.

While chopping it up with "SportsCenter" host Michael Smith on Friday night during the All Star Celebrity game, Mike asked him whether he’d practiced with Katie.  Then, ish ended. Abruptly.


It could be because we just saw them together a few weeks ago at Clive Davis’ dinner.  And they were spotted again headed to the gym on Valentine’s Day.



They were also spotted holding hands together back in September:


It seems like Jamie wasn’t all that mad.  He was all smiles while posing it up at the Celeb game with his daughter and Kevin Hart’s kiddies, as well as with Michael B. Jordan:

 photo JamieFoxxNBAStarCelebrityGame2018PresenteditruJNejivIl_zpstmc5af0a.jpg  photo JamieFoxxNBAStarCelebrityGame2018Presented9Xr_gs8F9qWl_zpsyz7wmrn4.jpg

And once the game started, he was all smiles while joking around with Justin Bieber and Nick Cannon:

 photo JamieFoxx2018NBAStarGameCelebrityGameJMXo95rffEOl_zpsuwc35wpw.jpg

 photo JamieFoxx2018NBAStarGameCelebrityGamete2pD79g4cXl_zps68gte5gw.jpg  

This guy…


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