DO WE LOVE IT?! Omari Hardwick Just Revealed His Brand New Look, *Hint* He’s Blonde

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 photo OmariHardwick57thMonteCarloTVFestival_gTiOKnJEOQl_zpsq7rwafy3.jpg

Omari Hardwick is no longer on our tv’s every week, but the "Power" star is sliding through with a new look to make sure we don’t forget about him.  See it inside….

Fresh off the presses. Omari Hardwick has a new look…and he’s blonde.


He’s featured in the upcoming issue of EMMY magazine, and he’s shirtless.  That’s really all that matters.  The "Power" star can honestly do no wrong in our book.

From mohawks to damn near bald, Omari’s always looking quite scrumptious.  But as for this new look….



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Newly Divorced Gina Torres Basically Told Folks To Mind Their Business After Kissing A Man Who ISN’T Laurence Fishbourne

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 photo gettyimages-500272358_zps0emdagux.jpg

When pics surfaced of actress Gina Torres getting her swirl on with someone who IS NOT her husband Laurence Fishburne, she dropped some tea to clear it all up.  Deets inside…

Gina Torres out-tea’d herself when she revealed she and Laurence Fishbourne have split. And they actually separated last year without anyone noticing.

Gina Torres confirms that her and Lawrence Fishbourne quietly divorced last year after she’s spotted kissing her mayo zaddy #InTune

— #InTune (@Fourens_) September 21, 2017

Pic popped up online yesterday of the "Suits" star boo’d up and kissing who we now know is a "tech cowboy".  She and Laurence have been married for almost 15 years, so it took folks by surprise.  As expected, cheating rumors began to fly.  Gina shut it all down quickly with a statement saying she and her "blackish" star husband have split. 

“With heavy hearts, Laurence and I quietly separated and began the dissolution of our marriage in the early fall of last year,” Torres, 48, confirmed to USA  TODAY in a statement provided by her rep Erica Gray on Wednesday. “There are no bad guys here. Only a love story with a different ending than either one of us had expected.”

Way to nip THAT bad PR in the bud.

Gina has enough going on to keep her busy.  She’s clearly got a new man she’s already making out with in public, and she’s also producing and starring in a "Suits" spinoff.  The series will be about Chicago politics.


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Offset Responds To BAE Cardi B’s Alleged Cop Choke Hold + Cardi’s Collaborating With Steve Madden On A Shoe Line?

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 photo offsetcardicopteaser.jpg

Cardi B says she was yanked up by a white NYC cop and put in a choke hold and her boo Offset is reacting. Find out what he said, plus deets on Cardi’s alleged new deal with Steve Madden inside…

 photo cardioffset.jpg

Cardi B took to Twitter to reveal a New York City cop put her in a choke hold and slammed her up against her brand new Bentley SUV.

Sources on the scene tell TMZ that Cardi was riding in her Bentley SUV when another driver hit her near Columbus Circle around 6pm EST on Tuesday (September 19th). It’s reported the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wasn’t driving, but when the person hit the car they were in, Cardi and her cousin got out and were engaged in a verbal argument with the driver.

NYPD made it to the scene and the former “Love & Hip Hop” star said a white police officer grabbed her around her neck into a choke hold and pinned her against her vehicle.

The officer eventually let her go, reportedly leaving the scene “without taking a report or issuing any citations.” After the incident, Cardi hopped on Twitter to recount the incident, but then she deleted her tweets.

Of course, the Internet always has a finger on the screenshot button:

 photo cardicop1.jpg

 photo cardicop2.jpg

Now, the NYPD is speaking out and they believe Cardi’s accusations are false. Why? Well, they claim they don’t have any evidence that the situation happened the way she claims it did and she won’t speak to them about it.

TMZ explains:

NYPD Assistant Commissioner Peter Donald tells us … NYPD conducted a full investigation into the Bronx rapper’s allegation an officer put her in a choke hold Tuesday and slammed her up against her SUV. He says they can’t find any proof it happened.

Donald says commanders in each precinct around Columbus Circle, where Cardi claims the choke hold went down, looked into all records and surveillance video of the area and could not find a thing to support her account.

After the incident, Cardi called up her boyfriend Offset to share with him what happened. He told media he thought she was joking at first, but when he saw her face he realized she was being truthful. It wasn’t too far fetched as the Migos rapper said cops kill people everyday. When asked if they were "Hip Hop Cops," Offset said he believes they’re real, but he doesn’t want to talk about them.

Peep the clip below:

In lighter news…



Y’all ready for this Collabo?? Steve Madden and Cardi B!! Cardi’s Shoes!! Powered by Visionary Ideas.

A post shared by Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo (@irvgotti187) on Sep 19, 2017 at 12:43pm PDT


Looks like Cardi B could be cooking up a collection with shoe designer Steve Madden.Before Cardi’s alleged run in with the law, she was busy meeting with Steve Madden and former Murda Inc. honco/businessman Irv Gotti Tuesday afternoon.  He said, "Y’all ready for this Collabo?? Steve Madden and Cardi B!! Cardi’s Shoes!! Powered by Visionary Ideas.”

Hmm… "bloody shoes"?


Photos: Cardi’s Twitter

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“Bachelorette” Rachel & Bryan Won’t Do A Spinoff, But MIGHT Get Married On TV + Jhene Aiko Pays Tribute To Late Brother In Emotional Short Film

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 photo rachelwendy.jpg

“Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo are still on the promo trail since the show wrapped up. Meanwhile, Jhene Aiko is paying tribute to her late brother in her new short film, Trip. Get it all inside…

Hello gorgeous!

“Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay, stepping in her Valentino’s, and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo are still making their TV rounds since the show wrapped up.

However, everyone isn’t convinced they’re a REAL couple, including daytime TV host Wendy Williams. The couple appeared on the show to try and convince Wendy that their love is real even if she wasn’t buying it.

The civil defense litigation attorney, who still works at her firm in Dallas, and her chiropractic physician fiancé (who’s Columbian, not white) say they’re madly in love, but they’re not rushing into getting married. They’re looking to trek down the aisle next fall or winter. So will we get to see it on television?

“We don’t know yet,” said Rachel. “It’s definitely a possibility,” Bryan responded.

So, will they be the lucky ones and nab a spinoff?

“No spinoff,” Rachel revealed. “No spinoff, we just want to focus on our relationship,” said Bryan.

However, they did say they’re moving to California where they plan to build their life together.

As for meeting the parents, Rachel said she and Bryan’s mom get along great. As for Bryan’s relationship with Rachel’s dad (who is a judge), he said,

“It’s a work in progress. [Laughs] He’s a great guy and we’re slowly getting to know each other. We’ve had lunch several times, so it’s in the works.”

Yeah…good luck with that!

The 32-year-old also talked about being the middle child, how she got on the “Bachelorette,” and more.  And she;s also gearing up to move to L.A. 

Peep the interview below:

Do we think they’ll make it down the aisle?

In other news…

Jhene Aiko pays tribute to her late brother Miyahi in a newly released autobiographical short film titled, Trip. The piece will accompany the singer’s forthcoming 2017 album of the same name.

The cinematic clip, written by the singer and Girl’s Trip writer Tracy Oliver, pulls on your heart strings as viewers follow poet Penny (played by Jhene) and how she copes with life after the death of her brother. She meets a stranger named Dante on the beach and embarks on a day full of spontaneous activities. Penny and Dante form a romance in the process.

Eventually, Penny turns to drugs and ends up pushing Dante away.

“I am looking for a brother’s love in every single man but you’ll never see me like my brother did, you’ll never need me like my brother did,” Penny says in the film. “There’s a black hole in my soul. It’s beginning to show through my dilated pupils behind lids half-closed. I thought that I would be fine by now, but suffering doesn’t die, it grows."

In the end, Penny’s brother meets her in her bedroom and encourages her to finally let him go so that she can heal and go with her life.

Peep the short film above.


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Jada Pinkett Smith Wants Y’all To Stop Calling Her A Scientologist!

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 photo wenn32342724_zps8wtoj90k.jpg

Jada Pinkett Smith is tired of y’all (and Leah Remini) saying she’s a Scientologist, and she’s clearing her name once and for all….

For years, it’s been a well-spread rumor that Will & Jada Pinkett Smith are Scientologists.  Much of the rumor fs based on certain things Jada has been accused of saying in interviews, where many INTERPRETED her comments as though she was a follower of the controversial cult religion.  Some folks believe Will has admitted this himself in one way or another while explaining his beliefs and how he raises his kids.  Others say the fact they previously would hang super tough with Scientology "face" Tom Cruise, that it confirmed their Scientology involvement.

Former Scientologist Leah Remini came out again this week exposing Jada for allegedly being a part of the "religion" that has been accused of fraudulent activities, money grabbing and brainwashing.  In fact, she claimed Jada is a "devoted" Scientologist.  Now, Jada’s had enough.

She took to her social media platforms to dispel the rumors, an to explain that she has studied and respects many different religions.  but she is not an official follower of any.  She said:

"I have studied Dianetics, and appreciate the merits of Study Tech… but I am not a Scientologist."

Here’s her post in full:

But one thing she does support in full, though, is Rihanna‘s new Fenty Beauty collection.

Because, honestly, this Fenty Beauty is what we should really be talking about.

One time for queens supporting queens!

Jada was also spotted out shopping at Giuseppe Zanotti in Beverly Hills yesterday:

 photo wenn32342721_zpslfpmqqv3.jpg  photo wenn32342709_zpsfbpltmqr.jpg  photo wenn32342725_zpsezedbqyo.jpg 



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Usher’s Alleged Male Accuser Claims They Smashed In A Koreatown Spa

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 photo ushermale.jpg

2017 just keeps getting worse for Usher. Now, the man who filed papers on Usher in regards to the singer’s alleged Herpes infection is spilling deets about their alleged rendezvous. Find out what he said inside…

With a little over three months left in the year, maybe Usher should just sit out the rest of 2017.

Usher’s male accuser is now spilling tea about their alleged sexcapades, according to TMZ.  The unidentified man (for now) claims he and the “Let It Burn” singer had sex inside of a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles and that’s when he was exposed to genital herpes. It’s still unclear if the unidentified man actually contracted the disease.

As of now, only one of Usher’s alleged victims tested positive for herpes and that’s jazz singer Laura Helm. She recently revealed herself and detailed her times with the singer HERE. Then, there’s Quantasia Sharpton who tested negative for herpes, but she’s still suing because she felt her rights were violated.

There’s a third unidentified woman (also represented by Lisa Bloom) who is also spilling some tea about her sexual contact with the singer. She claims she contracted the disease after two sexual experiences with Usher. This woman also reportedly said she was pregnant (she didn’t say if they were his) and that her twins were stillborn due to being infected with herpes.

And for whatever reason, the Atlanta singer is still refusing to take an STD test.

This is just SO messy on so many levels.

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Usher’s $20 Million Herpes Accuser Reveals Herself Since He’s Reportedly Stalling Lawsuit + Wife Grace Miguel Is Letting Folks Know She’s Sticking By Him

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 photo usherateaser.jpg

The woman suing Usher for $20 million has come forward. Why? She claims the R&B crooner is stalling her lawsuit. Plus see how Usher’s wife Grace Miguel is riding for her man inside…

 photo ushera2.jpg

She’s speaking out!

Laura Michelle Helm is reportedly the woman who’s suing Usher for $20 million after he allegedly infected her with genital herpes. Her identity was sealed … until now. It’s being reported that the R&B crooner has been stalling the case because she was listed as “Jane Doe” in court documents.

 photo ushera1.jpg

According to reports, she’s a jazz singer from New Orleans who’s stage name is Laura Michelle (Laura Helm). She claims she and the “Let It Burn” singer engaged in two separate sexual encounters. The two have been friends for years, but their relationship turned sexual in April 2017 (in Atlanta) after Ursh wooed her talking about his philanthropic efforts in Africa.  We guess Ursh knows what gets a woman moist…or whatever.

According to the Daily Mail, Laura’s also detailing exactly how the sex went down…in all of its oddness:

A few hours of lip service and they “began engaging in intimate and sexual relations in [Helm's] bedroom.”

This included "skin-to-skin contact" and then ‘vaginal-penile intercourse’ with a condom that Usher had brought with him according to the complaint.

Helm alleges that she performed oral sex on Usher for a while as well without a condom and that "afterwards, [Usher] immediately grabbed his penis and went into the the bathroom."

"Defendant’s actions prevented [Helm] from being able to observe [Usher's] ejaculate," states the filing.

The pair met again less than two weeks later at a hotel room in New Orleans. When [Helm] arrived in [Usher's] hotel room, [Usher] greeted her emitting a freshly-showered scent,’ reads the court filing. [Helm] and [Usher] then conversed for an indeterminate period of time, after which [Usher] went upstairs to the bathroom and took a(nother) shower.

"Immediately after engaging in sexual and intimate relations with [Helm] on April 28, 2017, [Usher] leapt from the bed, grabbed his penis, ran to the bathroom,and began to shower again," reads the complaint.

"[Helm], a bit confused by [Usher's] behavior, left [Usher's] hotel room while [Usher] was showering. [Usher's] actions prevented [Helm] from being able to observe [Usher's] ejaculate."

Helm alleges that a few days later "an unusual bump appeared on the inside of [her] cheek."

A few days after that, "an unusual bump the size of a green pea that was painful to the press touch appeared on [Helm's] vagina" according to the filing.


You’ll recall, she originally sued Usher for $10 million, but then increased that amount to $20 million after she tested positive for herpes.  She took the test after seeing a different defendant come out recently about being infected by the singer.

 photo ushera3.jpg

Laura is the second woman to reveal her identity in this sex scandal. A woman named Quantasia Sharpton revealed herself  back in August after she filed a separate lawsuit against the singer. Quantasia tested negative for herpes, but she feels her “rights were violated.”

Reportedly, there’s a third accuser who’s supposedly a man.  It’s unclear if he is claiming to have had sex with Usher or if he was indirectly affected through another woman Usher was involved with.

Usher has denied all of the allegations made against him.

Meanwhile, Usher’s wife Grace Miguel appears to be standing by his side through it all:




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Janet Jackson Dodges Those Abuse Claims While Lunching With Baby Eissa In L.A.

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 photo JJA1_zps0kepgyil.jpg

Janet Jackson and her curly puff took baby Eissa out for lunch in L.A. yesterday, and he got a little taste of the Hollywood life when mama Janet got bombarded with questions about her allegedly abusive ex-husband.  See it unfold inside…

Look at that face!  Eissa al Mana is 9-months old and cuter than ever.  While rocking a little mini denim button down, camo pants and his Adidas Superstars, the YBF Baby went to lunch with his super star mama Janet Jackson.  And at The Ivy of all places.

Janet & Eissa were hounded while leaving the Hollywood hot spot for paparazzi Wednesday.  Janet wasn’t having it.  But Eissa looked unbothered:

 photo JJA5_zpsfvq9r99p.jpg  photo JJA7_zpsl4ngvwnz.jpg   photo JJA3_zps8civ2fwj.jpg

She’s currently on her State of the World tour, and also battling rumors that her soon to be ex-husband Wissam Al Mana verbally and emotionally abused her.

 photo JJA2_zpsg3ztbwwg.jpg

Janet’s brother Randy Jackson told media recently that Wissam called Janet a "bitch" everyday during her pregnancy, and constantly reiterated how he wants a wife who fully embodied all of his Muslim culture.

“It was quite an abusive situation,” Randy claims in an interview with People. “It came on later in the relationship, verbal abuse and being [made to feel like] a prisoner in her own home. No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a b***h every day. There were things like that. That’s what she went through.”

The divorce may be extra nasty, but Janet herself is staying mum.  Watch what happens in video below:


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Rihanna Glam’d Up Her London Fans Herself At Fenty Beauty Launch, And She’s Got Skills

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 photo screen-shot-2017-09-20-at-10-34-16-am.png

Fenty Beauty is allll the rave, so it’s only right Rihanna glams up her fans in London for the launch. Flicks inside…

Rihanna is taking over the makeup game with her brand new Fenty Beauty line. Chick is doing us ALL a favor with 40 different shades of foundation and everything else a makeup guru or beginner would need.

The Bajan beauty jetted to London to launch her new Fenty Beauty x Harvey Nichols line at Harvey Nichols. Not only was she there to look HOT, she also got to work on a few faces. The “Work” singer flexed her makeup skills to work on some of her fans.

And, of course, she had to flex on the carpet too:

 photo FENTYBeautyRihannaRedCarpetArrivals2W0ZUUs2Gojl.jpg

The 29-year-old singer sashayed her way on the carpet rocking a custom lavender tulle Molly Goddard frock that she pulled off effortlessly.

 photo FENTYBeautyRihannaRedCarpetArrivalsyLQQXib9pCyl.jpg

 photo fent1.jpg

 photo fent2.jpg

She’s been loving these lace-up, wrap-around sandals lately.  She never disappoints.

 photo fent5.jpg

We all know Rih is a party girl and she made sure to turn up in the DJ booth:

 photo fent6.jpg

Get into the UK Fenty Beauty launch:



@badgalriri YES YES in the DRESS DRESS DRESS

A post shared by Molly Goddard (@mollymgoddard) on Sep 19, 2017 at 3:04pm PDT




She came. She saw. She conquered. @fentybeauty by @badgalriri #FENTYBEAUTYxHN #FENTYBEAUTY

A post shared by Harvey Nichols (@harveynichols) on Sep 19, 2017 at 4:20pm PDT




A post shared by Harvey Nichols (@harveynichols) on Sep 21, 2017 at 4:23am PDT




@fentybeauty launch at @harveynichols

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Sep 19, 2017 at 3:13pm PDT


BONUS: The Barbados native is caling for help for the devastated Carribean islands and Mexico:


 photo Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.27.07 PM_zpsj5xs9vur.png


Photos: Getty/WENN/Instar

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All Love Between LeBron James & Tristan Thompson’s Girlfriend Khloe + Kevin Durant Hasn’t Slept Or Eaten Since Social Media Drama

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 photo brondurant.jpg

LeBron James puts away any doubt to the rumors that he isn’t "cool" with his teammate Tristan Thompson‘s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. Hmph. Meanwhile, Kevin Durant is speaking out about his social media trolling and how it’s affecting him. Everything inside…

 photo lebronkhloe.jpg

Apparently, there were rumors that the Cleveland Cavaliers hate Tristan Thompson’s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. We’ve all heard of the "Kardashian Kurse" and folks were blaming the “curse” as for why the Cavs lost the NBA championship.

Well, there isn’t much animosity on the Cavs players’ part, specifically LeBron James. TMZ Sports cameras caught King James embracing Tristan’s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian with a hug after a night out in L.A.

LeBron was third wheeling (well, not exactly) with Tristan and Khloe at the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios over the weekend. OKC Thunder baller Russell Westbrook and Khloe’s sister Kourtney Kardashian also tagged along.

As they were leaving to go their separate ways, Bron and Khloe embraced before hopping in their whips.

Peep the clip below:


Speaking of NBA ballers…

 photo kevtweet1.jpg

We learned the level of petty Kevin Durant is willing to go to when he started using fake social media accounts to blast his former OKC Thunder teammates and coaches. The kicker? He snitched on himself when he tweeted from his own account as if he was tweeting from one of his troll accounts. Ha! 

Now, he’s speaking out about his “childish” social media antics. The Golden State Warriors baller sat down to chop it up on the TechCrunch panel where he was asked about his fake social media accounts.

"I happened to take it a little too far,” he said during the panel. “I don’t regret clapping back at anybody or talking to my fans on Twitter. I do regret using my former coach’s name and the former organization that I played for. That was childish. That was idiotic. All those type of words … I regret doing that and I apologize to him for doing that."

Check it:

He said he still plans on being active on Twitter.

 photo kevtweet2.jpg

After the panel, the NBA Final MVP chopped it up with USA Today to further explain the sticky social media situation. He owned up to his pettiness and revealed he hasn’t slept or ate in two days since he told on himself.

“That was just me being a total (expletive) idiot, he said. “I own up to it. I want to move on from it. It probably hit me probably harder than what everybody (thought). Everybody else was telling me to relax, to snap out of it, but I was really, really upset with myself more than anything. It’s not the fact that people were talking about me, because I deserve that, but I’m just more upset with myself that I let myself go that far, you know what I was saying? It was a joke to me at first. I was doing it all summer, and it went too deep. I went too hard… I haven’t slept in two days, two nights. I haven’t ate. It’s crazy, because I feel so (expletive) pissed at myself and I’m mad that I brought someone into it.”

Durant tried to explain how it all happened, but his explanation doesn’t really make much sense…at least not to us. 

“I was at home (in his Oakland Hills home),” Durant said. “I fell asleep watching football. I woke up, had charged my phone, and I just happened to look on Twitter. And I see (the person’s comment that sparked his response), and I just don’t remember it. I remember what I said and how I said it, but I just forget everything else. I forgot everything else. I was only focused on that convo, and that was unfortunate. I look like an idiot. My peers are going to look at me like an idiot. All the jokes – bring ‘em. I deserve it.

However, he hopes he’s forgiven and wants to move on.

“What I thought was a joke is serious to everybody else, and I lost sight of that and I apologize for that. But I’m going to move on. I’m going to move on, and I’m going to play basketball. You can take what you want from it, do what you want with it, but it happened. I’m going to take it on the chin and move on.”

Even celebs have their extra petty moments like the rest of us.


By the way, Kevin Durant also covers a new magazine this month:


Thanks @sanfranmag for the love – cover story out now

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) September 19, 2017



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